Renewed Brand Identity for Port Restaurant

Dima Bertoluchi shared a really cool brand identity for the Port Restaurant.  The new  logotype has become significantly more stable, has gained an additional pleasant weight. In the renewed identity of the Port 2.0 restaurant, brutalism is elevated to the rank of the dominant ideal and the unique genetic code of the entire establishment, which can be traced in the interior details, where rough gray concrete, metal, wood are abundant, and the air ducts and window sills are painted in camogreen. In the logo, directly from the front, the I-beam looks at us - it is a rough construction for the construction of facades and port facilities, it serves to create reliable and solid bases of overlappings.

This image creates a direct and unambiguous reference to the fact that the restaurant team looks deep into the root of their craft and is not sprayed on unnecessary ornamentation and attraction of unnecessary senses. This all becomes unnecessary, when at the head of all is the exquisite cuisine and a large collection of wines.

Brand identity

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