SAMURAI Packaging

I mostly do think a lot about our waste and how we should recycle things that we use every day. Not to a level of being an extreme cheap stake but to be aware of common good practices for a better future. This is why I am totally digging this package design by Fanny Löfvall, Nanna Basekay and Oliver Sjöqvist. They made the package design with the design thinking of being more eco-responsible, playful and practical at the same time. Small details that truly make the difference for this project.

We wanted to avoid using a bag as a solution and therefore created a design where you can stack and attach packagings on top of each other.



The packaging to chopsticks are used as handles. In the middle of the pack you can see a perforation that makes it very easy to open up and take out the chopsticks. It is a unique take away box that gives the customer a more personal and premium experience.


Fanny Löfvall
Nanna Basekay
Oliver Sjöqvist

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