Sand Artwork: Brazil Fashion System

Photoshop is an amazing tool and has changed the way images are created. Sometimes it's very difficult to know if an image was retouched or done in Photoshop. The Brasil Fashion System is a great example. It's really cool and I cannot say if it's real sand artwork or Photoshop however the end result is quite beautiful.

Brazil is a singular country. Mixing people, blending cultural aspects and turning everything into inspiration. We are a nation creative by nature. This passion for the new is also what marks our fashion. That passion is what makes our fashion more vibrant, sustainable and rich in diversity.

To present it to the world, we invite art and nature to speak on behalf of Brazil Fashion System, an association that unites the Brazilian market fashion under one name, one brand, one strength. In this first institutional campaign, images that represent Brazilian fashion and its pillars are artistic compositions made ​​of colored sand, one striking element of our natural and cultural wealth.

The plurality of our people. The energy of our culture. Our natural gift to sustainability. All this is there, represented so refined and delicate in every line, color and shape of images.

For more information check out João Vitor Senger portfolio

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