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I grew up always trying to make things, from tweaking with my toys to trying to build things by breaking others, that's how I think I got into design. Later I graduated in Industrial Design and since then I have been making digital products. In my spare time I still try to do more analog/manual things, like furniture. Tools are very important for that and when I saw a video of Shaper Origin I was simply speechless. It's a great idea, they want to empower people to build things better. I am thankful for that and I will be getting one for sure as soon as it is available.

Shaper Origin is the world's first handheld CNC machine. It makes the process of making things much easier by guiding you trough it, like cutting materials for your project. It has super cool features like digital templates, on-tool CAD, work at any scale, precision registration and many more.

Here's the promo video:

At Shaper, we're fusing computers with handheld tools to simplify the process of making. Shaper Origin uses computer vision to understand its location relative to a workpiece and precision motors to continuously fine-tune the spindle's position along your intended cutting path. We think of it as auto-correct for your hands.

Shaper Origin

About the Shaper team

The Shaper team is an eclectic mix of experts with backgrounds in robotics, woodworking, film, consumer electronics, computer vision, and design. Having worked at Apple, Amazon, Google, Frog Design, Tesla, and the MIT Media Lab, our interdisciplinary team has considerable experience bringing products to market. We share a common mission of wanting to empower people to build things better than they ever thought possible. -

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