Silent Night series of the streets of Tokyo


With Spring coming into our calendar, those who live or will be travelling the islands of Japan; you'll find yourself immerge in the beauty of Sakura trees. It's the season! Unlike freelance photographer Takashi, he decided to explore another aspect of Japan and it's their streets especially in Tokyo. Not the streets shining with billboards with neons but the eerie, dark and Japanese horror-like ones. Let's follow Takashi on his  Slient Night Series.

I went to Naka-Meguro, where there is a river with sakura trees lined up on the side. It looks nice at night with the illumination being done. I got bored when I saw it. Ok, bad habit of mine is that I get bored easily. Sure, sakura at night is pretty, but I wasn’t interested at that moment for some reason. I ended up exploring the alleys around Naka-Meguro. I found something different...

About Takashi

Takashi is a freelance photographer currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Looking forward to see more of his work.

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