Sites of the Week #111


For this Sites of the Week we have selected some great sites such as Hugs for Monsters and Roambi. Also we're featuring the new Hicks's blog called Hickensian and much, much more! As usual we would love to hear from you, keep sending your suggestions to us and we will be more than happy to feature your site.

You can keep sending me your suggestions via Twitter or, and include #abdz_sites in the message.


Lift -

We love improving the web through great design. Our mantra is keeping it simple and solving tough design problems is what we live for.


Tileables -

The fourth pack is now here! It’s 20 patterns based on a theme of fabrics. From leather to denim, you should find some useful textures in here. Feel free to send over any requests for future pack ideas.



FacileRent -

FacileRent offers long term rental of cars at fixed monthly fee and all services included. Custom quotes in 24 hours. (by Google Translate)


MailChimp 5.2 -

There are real people behind all those email addresses on your mailing list, and MailChimp's new features will help you get to know them. Whether you use our AutoConnect templates to engage your readers, or Social Pro to learn more about them and provide relevant content, MailChimp helps you treat your subscribers like the humans they are.

MailChimp 5.2


Shop Sanctuary T -

Sanctuary T Shop is the online expression of New York City’s unique tea-restaurant based in Soho. It is dedicated to celebrating tea’s many forms, attributes and tastes.

Shop Sanctuary T

Build -

Build is a small, yet perfectly formed, boutique design conference where interesting, talented web practitioners from all over the world come to share ideas, techniques and inspiration. Some are on stage; some are in the audience.



Derry Hoyland -

Portfolio of Graphic Designer Derry Lozano-Hoyland.

Derry Hoyland

Blurb Creative -

Blurb specialise in web design/SEO for small to medium sized businesses at realistic prices. We talk in plain English and offer all clients a comprehensive easily understood way to enhance their business.

Blurb Creative


MyApp -

With the popularity of mobile appliations increasing, more and more people are looking for an easy way to create an online home for their software. MyApp was created to make it easy to publish and promote your app, and has been tailored specifically for the mobile market.


DelicateNews -

DelicateNews is a content-heavy magazine theme wrapped in an elegant and "delicate" shell. Featuring a 3-column grid and many homepage content outlets, this theme gives you the opportunity to feature tons of content without making your website feel cramped or messy.


Written by

Fabiano Meneghetti

I’m a UX / Web designer and manage business and projects at Zee. Also I love to spend some hours on our main projects Openjobs and as a writer and contributor here on Abduzeedo..