Sites of the Week #113 - Winners Giveaway

For this Sites of the Week, we're announcing the winners for the WeGraphics giveaway, check it out below! Also we have selected some great sites such as iFontMaker and Score Factory. As usual we would love to hear from you, keep sending your suggestions to us and we will be more than happy to feature your site.

About Giveaway

Last week we lauched a giveaway from WeGraphics. And the 8 winners of the access to all premium areas for 3 months are:

3 from Twitter

  • @Doubleaxle
  • @Gavlaaaaa
  • @Xbitionart

5 from Comments

  • Rodrigo Navarro
  • kScha
  • Lenox Cruthers
  • Connor_Mac
  • Eduardo Garcua

Congratulation guys. We will get in touch with you soon! And if you're not one of the winners and want to know more about it, stay tunned on @wegraphics at


About WeGraphics

WeGraphics was created to help designers! They create unique resources that you can use in your commercial projects without any restriction. They produce ready-to-use sets of brushes, textures, icons, vectors, mockup templates and many other things that reduce your working time utilizing high quality resources.

All users and visitors can browse all the premium resources through the site gallery, the fantastic thing is that all visitors can touch the quality of their resources downloading and testing the available free samples. Premium members get access to all resources without limits. You can create an account paying 7$, download 2500+ items and cancel your subscription. Anyway consider that they create new amazing resources every week, so why cancel your subscription if you could have weekly fresh high-quality design resources at your disposal?

At the moment there's a great discount on yearly premium account: pay only 29$ and get access to all resources for 1 year!

You can send me your suggestions via Twitter or, and include #abdz_sites in the message.


Word Refuge -

Word Refuge, Creative SEO Copywriting Services, is a boutique advertising shop specializing in – but not limited to – SEO copywriting and online content management for ecommerce and eluxury sites, high-end contemporary design (fashion, home furnishings, appliances, etc.), luxury and adventure travel, wellness retreats, spas and a myriad of related fields

Word Refuge

G2 -

Geogeske, commonly known as G2, offers guests a fun and casual dining experience. The locally owned neighborhood favorite boasts a menu full of mouth-watering appetizers, comfort all-American favorites, and delectable desserts.



iFontMaker -

FontMaker™ is the first font editor exclusive for iPad™. With iPad touch interface, your 100% original hand typeface can be done in 5 minutes.


Pingdom -

Be the first to know when your site is down.



Veer -

Veer provides elements for design and creativity. A new perspective on rights-managed and royalty-free stock photography, and illustration, as well as typefaces and stylish designer merchandise. Buy and download online.


New Adventures -

New Adventures in Web Design is a unique and affordable web design conference in Nottingham, England, taking place 20th January 2011.

New Adventures


Adham Dannaway -

A whizz at web and UI design, branding, art direction and WordPress. Currently looking for an awesome job with a great team and exciting projects to work on.

Adham Dannaway

Score Factory -

Original Music Production

Score Factory


The Professional -

The goal with TheProfessional was to create a sleek and simple design without all of the extra features on the homepage that some people have no need for. This layout will be very easy for your visitors to understand and navigate. The three short blurbs on the homepage are easy to take in and the prominent slider provides a clear call to action.

The Professional

Unite -

Unite is the perfect personal blog, or microblogging theme, for unifying all the conversation & interaction on your blog. Featuring a fancy pants & unique commenting system, Unite aims to increase reader interaction and make your blog more fun & more valuable.