Sites of the week #16

One of the greatest sites that we're going to show you this week is the personal website from Fabio Sasso, the main brain behind Abduzeedo. Of course, as always we provide awesome inspirations and this week is not different, take a look at all references and cool link to spend your time on the web!


Fabio Sasso Personal Website -

I’m graphic, web designer and enthusiast from Porto Alegre, very south of Brazil. I’m a co-founder of a design studio called Zee and I run a blog called Abduzeedo where I share my thoughts, cool sites, and tutorials. Also, now I'm the senior designer at CSNGlobal.

Fabio Sasso Personal Website

Lift Interactive -

At lift, we take pride in creating work that is purposeful, innovative and refreshing. Whether we’re helping to create an identity, increase sales or communicate information, our goal is always to provide our clients with something that looks stunning and works great.

Lift Interactive


Please Dress Me -

PleaseDressMe is a classic example of scratching ones own itch. AJ, Gary, and Joe love finding great new tees, but finding said tees wasn't the easiest thing in the world. Rather than sifting through multiple websites we figured why not just go to one website that makes searching t-shirts easy? Once we came to that conclusion, Joe went right to coding and after a few calculated keystrokes we brought in Chris to make it pretty. The result is the simple, concise tshirt search engine you see before you.

Please Dress Me

Journeys - Where to this time? -

Journeys is a travel themed virtual world based on real earth maps, real places and people who like traveling the world and making new friends.

Journeys - Where to this time?


Digital Abstracts -

For 7 years, Digital Abstracts has been a design community that strives to deliver a unique blend of content, discussion and creative inspiration to its army of readers. It is this very loyal audience that is contributing towards the growth of Digital Abstracts and paving the way to its bright digital future.

Digital Abstracts

Cool Showcase -

Coolshowcase is an initiative that seeks to bring together and foster the work of free digital artists, graphic designers and photographers. But not only that, Coolshowcase serves as a platform to learn and connect people with a profile similar to yours. On the Internet abound digital artists, but they are scattered, so we want to bring something different places, in addition to promotion, artists can meet new people connected.

Cool Showcase


Vodafone Music -

Welcome to a whole new world of Vodafone Music. Explore the hottest acts, exclusive events, brand new releases and loads more.

Vodafone Music

Blake™ - Brand Workforce -

We enlighten companies and individuals around the world, providing branding and design solutions.

Blake™ - Brand Workforce


Joshua Gorchov -

Joshua Gorchov graduated from California College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design, and is currently working on both editorial and commercial illustration assignments. His work responds to a broad range of subjects with a distinctive graphic language which is both vivid and conceptually concise.

Joshua Gorchov

Fuel Mediaworks -

I'm a graphic designer / web developer living in Mumbai, India. I've been designing and building websites for nearly 4 years now, and there's one thing I have to tell you - I really enjoy doing what I do.

Fuel Mediaworks

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