Sites of the week #18

Every day we see amazing and sometimes crazy sites. This week we've selected for you one of the craziest and funniest sites we've ever seen. It's a hotsite from RFSU. On the site you can shave and groom a pussy's hair...yep, see for yourself. I'll not say anything more about that! And take a look at the other sites, they are amazing too. Ah, and don't forget to tell us about your experience with the shave!


Branded07 -

Hi, my name is Rob Palmer, I am 25 and I am a web & graphic designer based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I started designing and drawing from a young age and most of my design skills and knowledge are self taught. I moved in to digital media while doing my Multimedia Design Course at Newcastle College.


Gist -

Gist is an online service that helps you build stronger relationships. By connecting your inbox to the web, you get business-critical information about key people and companies.



RFSUS Intimate Cate Guide -

Does your Fiffi make the cut? Trim or shave it's down to you!

RFSUS Intimate Cate Guide

Joost -

What's Joost? It's a way to watch videos – music, TV, movies and more – over the Internet. We could just call it a website ... with videos ... but that's not the whole story.



PeopleJar -

PeopleJar is a free web application with a simple goal to connect people across the globe through networks of their interest.


Take the Walk -

Take The Walk is about giving you simple tangible ways to take action against the HIV/AIDS pandemic and poverty in Africa. A small donation, the purchase of a pair of shoes, the download of a song or simply taking a one-mile walk.

Take the Walk


Matheus Lopes -

Amazing portfolio from Maheus Lopes, an illustrator from Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Matheus Lopes

Dior DHDS -

Dior Home Dermo System.



Boogie -

Boogie is an up-and-coming designer and developer based out of San Diego, California. While designing for Coca Cola's firm in Los Angeles, Boogie attended the Art Institute of California, San Diego, where he is currently about to graduate. Boogie was also offered a spot in MTV's upcoming design reality show 'Engine Room'


Nile Inside -

Our company has existed since June 2006. Scope studio - design, branding and advertising. In other words, we do websites, doing graphic design, printing brands on the market, developing a corporate identity and advertising concepts. (By Google Translate)

Nile Inside