Sites of the week #32


Hi guys, this is my last post of 2008! I hope you all enjoy the holidays and I wish you a great 2009! So for this Sites of the Week we have selected some great sites such as Old Loft and Alex Buga. Also we have an interesting flash site called Miki Mottes and much, much more! As usual we would love to hear from you, keep sending your suggestions to us and we will be more than happy to feature your site. See you in 2009!


CSS Tinderbox -

The CSS Tinderbox is just one of the many sites geared towards supporting CSS-based web design by providing basic, open source frameworks that people can use as a starting point for their own templates. The framework can be used as a head start instead of starting everything from scratch again and again.

CSS Tinderbox

old loft -

old loft is a web & design studio. Whether you are a small business or a large company, we deliver best solutions that give you the strongest advantages. We can help to develop your project anytime and anywhere. Building web apps and websites is our passion, so be sure that your questions will be answered.

old loft


Alpine Meadows -

Alpine Meadows attracts skiers and riders who are passionate about their turns, or want to spend some quality time with their family. There is something for everyone, Lake Tahoe is available for you to explore!

Alpine Meadows


WHEREWEDOWHATWEDO is a community-built visual database of the spaces in which we spend our days, nights or both doing whatever it is we do. While it may not be the freshest idea in the attic, we thought it would be a fun project to work on during down time. As well as we wanted to give this interesting and slightly voyeuristic concept a place all its own. So... there you have it.



Enso CMS -

Enso CMS is a new take on content management for websites. Our philosophy is that all great websites have one thing in common, a great web designer. With that in mind we built a content management system specifically for web designers.

Enso CMS

Tweetree -

Tweetree puts your Twitter stream in a tree so you can see the posts people are replying to in context. It also pulls in lots of external content like twitpic photos, youtube videos and more, so that you can see them right in your stream without having to click through every link your friends post.



Emilie Chollat -

emilie chollat | illustrator

Emilie Chollat

Miki Mottes -

Miki Mottes, an Israeli illustrator and animator - Portfolio

Miki Mottes


Alex Buga -

My name is Alex Buga, I’m from Bucharest, Romania and I am a design-addict - in the good way. (Voices: “Helloooo Aleeeex !“) I work as a Creative Director for MB Dragan, an interactive agency based in Bucharest and I can tell you: It’s the most fun place to work for - after Google ;)

Alex Buga

X Producciones Gráficas -

I am journalist specializing in graphic design and creativity. Study at the University Franz Tamayo, now Prendamás design,, Siesis Bolivia, websites Companies (Spain). SENASAG work for Bolivia, Acresis Leo Burnett,, Free, Finrrural, Servigiros, Advertising Code, Prodem Center Illimani, Digital, HAMLP Super Hamburgers, Mate Amargo, Daly Cafe Bar and other freelance. (By Google Translate)

X Producciones Gráficas

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