Sites of the week #36


For this Sites of the Week we have selected some great sites such as World Food Programme and the amazing portfolio from Gui Borchert. Also we have a funny flash site called Bokeh Type, and much, much more! As usual we would love to hear from you, keep sending your suggestions to us and we will be more than happy to feature your site.


The World Food Programme -

The World Food Programme is the United Nations frontline agency in the fight against global hunger. It is the world's largest humanitarian organisation.

The World Food Programme

Creative Tempest -

Every weekday Creative Tempest delivers a high-flying dragon kick to your imagination. On snowy mountaintops we trained for years in some of the world’s most deadly arts like design, illustration, and photography, just to name a few, and now with our powers harnessed we have descended back to the world in order to arouse your minds.

Creative Tempest


The Daily Beast -

The Daily Beast is the omnivorous friend who hears about the best stuff and forwards it to you with a twist. It allows you to lead the conversation, rather than simply follow it.

The Daily Beast

Card Observer -

Card Observer is a new site that showcases only the best business card designs. We do this for a couple of reasons: to shine the spotlight on the talented designers who create these beautiful cards, and to inspire you.

Card Observer


Onehub -

Onehub is a web application that provides everything you need to easily and securely share business information and files with partners, customers, coworkers, and suppliers. Onehub is not your typical complicated collaboration software. Instead, it's fun and easy to use and can help take your growing business to the next level.


iPlotz -

With iPlotz you can create clickable, navigable wireframes to create the experience of a real website or software application. You can also invite others to comment on the designs, and once ready, you can then manage the tasks for developers and designers to build the project.




Lancome - Pink Irreverence by Aaron De Mey.


Bokeh Type -

Click and type your Bokeh!

Bokeh Type


Johann Dizon -

My name is Johann Dizon. This is my humble Portfolio. I am a self-taught graphic artist with a passion for Creativity & a commitment to the cause of better products through design. This site is a constant work in progress.

Johann Dizon

Gui Borchert -

Gui began his career as a graphic designer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he got his BFA in Design from UFRJ - Rio de Janeiro Federal University. Early on he got to experience working on several different mediums from interactive, to print and motion graphics. With time, he realized his passion was exactly that. Exploring the freedom of media and creating design and ideas that can live anywhere- from print to digital, TV screens to mobile and traditional to the most unexpected places.

Gui Borchert

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Fabiano Meneghetti

I’m a UX / Web designer and manage business and projects at Zee. Also I love to spend some hours on our main projects Openjobs and as a writer and contributor here on Abduzeedo..