Sites of the week #47

For this Sites of the Week we have selected some great sites such as Stone Laboratory and the redesign from Krop. Also there is the amazing flash site from Simon Duhamel and much, much more! As usual we would love to hear from you, keep sending your suggestions to us and we will be more than happy to feature your site.

You can send me your suggestions via Twitter or, and include #abdz_sites in the message.


BIG Omaha -

Over the past few years, Omaha has been emerging as a hub for creativity and innovation. We want to build on this movement by getting innovators, creatives, and entrepreneurs together here in Omaha to think BIG. Thus, the vision for BIG Omaha: an opportunity to not only think, but act on what is possible here in the heart of the Midwest. We’re here to share stories and connect our community with the rest of the country and make things happen!

BIG Omaha

Stone Laboratory -

Established in 1895, Stone Laboratory is the oldest freshwater biological field station in the United States and the center of Ohio State University’s teaching and research on Lake Erie. The lab serves as a base for more than 65 researchers from 12 agencies and academic institutions, all working year-round to solve the most pressing problems facing the Great Lakes.

Stone Laboratory


Likexo -

Likexo is a social network oriented to the likes of the people. Therefore, the profile of a person for likexo is not his/her career, the school attended or if he/she has a girlfriend/boyfriend: your profile is your likes. In this social network we can show who we are without having to say what we do but what we like. As we should say, what we like defines us.


Good -

GOOD is the integrated media platform for people who want to live well and do good. We are a company and community for the people, businesses, and NGOs moving the world forward. GOOD's mission is to provide content, experiences, and utilities to serve this community.



Newsberry -

After using many email services in the past, we were tired of poor user experience, useless features, and high costs. In 2004 we utilized part-time resources to create a beta release of our take on an email marketing service. The result was our initial beta released in early 2005 to people in our network of friends and clients. We wanted to learn as much as possible about our customers and the industry while we built the final release of our system.


Krop -

Krop is a Job Board and career resource website for creative professionals. Whether you’re looking for job, or hunting top-notch talent, Krop’s simple and powerful tools are geared towards connecting the worlds brightest minds with the best companies.

Stone Laboratory


Simon Duhamel -

Site Web du Photographe Professionel Simon Duhamel / Professional Photographer Simon Duhamel's Website

Simon Duhamel

James Day -

The portfolio from James Day

James Day


Purple Rock Scissors -

As a culture of digital enthusiasts, we seek ways to grow your brand online and beyond. The web changes. New media emerges. It takes an adaptive strategy. And the web is a powerful component of that strategy. At Purple, Rock, Scissors, we play matchmaker, aligning your interests with the interests of your consumers. It’s a delicate balance of visual design, technical development, and marketing strategy.

Purple Rock Scissors

Odopod -

Walk into our studio. You’ll meet experts of all sorts – designers, developers and strategists. We’re refugees from the worlds of advertising, product design, branding, gaming and beyond. We’re happy collaborators, bringing our diverse, original perspectives to bear on every problem. What do we share in common? Endless curiosity and a deep love for all-things-digital.



Cool Spotters | by @tannerc -

Cool Spotters

The Heavy Edition | by @trashrockx -

The Heavy Edition

Molotov | by @saidwafiq -


Cartelle | by @ikab -