Sites of the Week #85


For this Sites of the Week we have selected some great sites such as the IInsight and Symphony. Also we're featuring a nice flash site called Aksident, and much, much more! As usual we would love to hear from you, keep sending your suggestions to us and we will be more than happy to feature your site.

You can send me your suggestions via Twitter or, and include #abdz_sites in the message.


Symphony -

From the inside out, Symphony is rooted in the very same principles that you adhere to in your own work. Openness. Standards compliance. Flexibility. Symphony doesn’t just help you get the job done, it helps you get the job done right.


Codare -

Codare is a company that has the distinction of developing communication solutions online, in a creative and objective, always seeking the growth of our customers through actions that put them in a conscious way in the virtual world. (via Google Translate)



Ketchup -

Ketchup is for meetings.


VigLink -

VigLink monetizes the ordinary hyperlink by offering an "install and forget" code snippet that automatically secures revenue from the sites you already link without any visible changes to your site.



DesignersMusic -

Great design needs great music, and DesignersMusic is all about helping you find new inspration. Find out what other designers are listening to, sort music by job types and share that awesome band no one else has heard of. Stop reading and get started!


IInsight -

IINSIGHT network is an open social collaborative internet magazine that delivers carefully curated content on culture, music, arts, fashion & lifestyle. It was created for individuals with sophisticated tastes who appreciate quality entertainment out of the box.



kimm -

Kimm Saatvedt is a Norwegian photographer based in Oslo. He does commercial work as well as 'art'.

I Make My Case

Aksident -

Aksident, bedrijfstheater, een creatief huis dat wordt bewoond door een multidisciplinair team van acteurs, muzikanten en decorbouwers.



Daily Payne -

Howdy the names Aaron, and this is my attempt at taking a photo a day and posting it here for everyone to see starting january 1st 2010. I know, I know it’s not original.

Daily Payne

Notorious Design -

My name is Victoria (Tor) Burrows, and I am an aspiring video/3D artist. I graduated from the University of Worcester in 2008 with a First-Class degree in Digital Media, and am currently looking to develop my career in the film or gaming industry.

Notorious Design


MyStream -

MyStream is a flexible and extremely customizable personal blog theme with massive social media & lifestreaming influences. Change the background to your visual identity, move the many available widgets around and VOILA: you have YourStream.


Clickloud -

Clickloud is a web 2.0 business software template. It’s mainly directed towards the companies that either produce or administrate web 2.0 software content (cloud software companies) but it may be used for a variety of other things: company portfolio, personal blog theme etc.


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Fabiano Meneghetti

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