Sites of the Week: Rotate°, Akeo, Pleid and more

This week is a selecion of portfolio only. Yes, all awesome portfolios with a simple e elegante interface to show them. You can say that the design are very similar but in my opinion they are beautiful and reach what a great portfolio must be, I mean, give the importance to the work that is been featuring.

Take a special look today to Jeffrey Peltzman and Bolden portfolios. Also you can keep sending me your suggestions via Twitter and include #abdz_sites in the message.

Pleid -

We are crafters of the static beauty and believers of the illusion of motion.We are a talented team, ready to achieve excellence on each project. Using design as a communication tool, we create stunning images supported by thinking.


Akeo Lab -

Solving problems for money and fun.We are a small multicultural team of exceptionaly skillfull-diverse individuals on a mission to overcome the gap of clients' reality and modern world digital expectations.

Akeo Lab

Rotate° -

A digital studio that partner with ambitious clients who want to thrive online.


Sean Purdy -

Currently the Lead Designer of One&Other magazine.I believe in design that warrants attention. As an autodidact with experience at one of the world’s most outspoken agencies (Barnbrook, London) I like to combine high concept with outcomes that provoke a reaction.

Sean Purdy

Patrik Huebner -

I create real-time animations, programmed illustrations and audio-reactive art using generative algorithms and creative coding approaches.I am fascinated by the idea of deconstructing visual communication into it’s most essentials parts and delivering that essence to algorithms for a fresh interpretation in the realms of animation, audio-reactive visualizations, art and data-projection.

Patrik Huebner

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