Slash Three Book "New Era"

Slash Three is a great art collective. I met the guys at the OFFF festival in Barcelona where they presented their newest book. Full packed with designs from their latest exhibiton.

SlashTHREE's 'New Era' project is the creative vision of directors Saad Moosajee and Diego L. Rodriguez. Over the years, the SlashTHREE collective has worked on numerous themed exhibitions; this is the collective's biggest project, which was sold at the OFFF festival in Barcelona, and will now be sold through SlashTHREE's official shop and shown as an online exhibition.

Sorin Bechira and Saad Moosajee at OFFF, Barcelona

Diego Rodriguez, Sorin Bechira & Saad Moosajee presenting the The Era Book at OFFF, Barcelona

Diego Rodriguez, Sorin Bechira & Saad Moosajee presenting the The Era Book at OFFF, Barcelona

The “New Era” project consists of 21 pieces of art from some of SlashTHREE’s finest artists, as well as selected favourites from our past four exhibitions, truly emphasizing the ‘quality over quantity’ mentality that the collective has worked with since its beginnings. The collective would like to highlight the monumental efforts of Saad Moosajee and Diego L. Rodriguez, who curated and designed the entire project, Sorin Bechira, who took the stage at OFFF alongside Moosajee and Rodriguez, and Luis Miguel Torres, who spent countless hours and multiple revisions contributing all of the typography seen in the “New Era” book. SlashTHREE would also like to whole-heartedly thank its sponsors MAXON and Proof7, without whom the book would never have made it to the press.

The collective has decided to recognize the amazing talent and dedication of the artists involved in the “New Era” project by publishing the 21 never-before-seen artworks from the first section of the book online as its sixteenth exhibition. The “New Era” mentality has been infectious amongst the artist core and has provided a burst of motivation for exhibition 17, for which there are a number of amazing pieces already in the works. For now, though, we hope that you enjoy exhibition 16, New Era, as much as we enjoyed the experience of putting it all together.

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