Smart and Beautiful Logo Design by Spoonlancer

Spoonlancer is a a freelance designer currently based in Fukuoka, Japan. He has a set of beautiful logo design projects on his Dribbble page that are for us a great source of inspiration. The range of styles is something to be definitely highlighted, from simple lines like a giraffe or a frong eating a fly to more classic/vintage looks like the amazing Book Keepers one. In addition to that there's very smart ideas like for the Breakfast Bear, the bear nose is a fried egg. There's much more to get inspiration from his work and that's why we are featuring them here on Abduzeedo.

It's important to notice that despite the fact we have been focusing a lot on design system types of projects, like UI/UX and branding, we truly admire and will always feature all types of projects that inspire us. This post on logo design is a great example and we look forward to posting more on logo design. If you have any recommendation, please don't hesitate to share it with us.

For more information about Spoonlancer make sure to check out his Dribbble page at

Logo Design

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