Official Snoop Dogg Landy Challenge


Our aim is always to inspire you to become the greatest artist in the world. Now lets see if you are skilled enough to design Snoop Dogg's next commercial for cognac brand Landy.

At Abduzeedo it has always been our goal to help the community get inspired, learn new techniques, educate themselves, and get a view into the world of art. Our plans are to enlarge our section from fact topics to more interactive contests. We have been organizing design competitions for quite a while, but we recently had the breakthrough with our monthly collaborative contest "The World Collabs". Now, for the first time, we offer you a challenge where you can prove your knowledge in motion design.

Abduzeedo, Landy Cognac and Snoop Dogg presents:


About the contest:

This is a collaborative project between Abduzeedo, Landy Cognac & Snoop Dogg. The goal is to create a new commercial for Landy Cognac. Enter your email address in the form below and we'll provide you with the green screen footage of Snoop Dogg's Landy Cognac commercial. Now it is up to you to create a well designed and interesting advertisement. - The contest will run from August 16 - September 13. - You will find all files in the download link


- Your video will serve as the official Landy Cognac Commercial The winner will be chosen by Snoop Dogg himself. There will be a full marketing campaign for the realease of the official video. It will also be serviced virally through the Abduzeedo, Landy Cognac & Snoop Dogg website, as well as all over the Snoop Dogg & Landy SNP sites, reaching an audience of over 3 million. - You will also receive a Landy Cognac Prize Pack The Prize Pack will include merchandise from Snoop Dogg and Landy Cognac

Landy Cognac Prize Pack

Enter the contest

1. Enter your email adress and download the Snoop Dogg video footage. 2. Edit it into your own commercial and upload to your Vimeo or YouTube pages. 3. Send an email to with the link to your video and following details ( name, contact phone, email & location)

The contest is over. No submissions will be accepted.