Solid Editorial Illustrations by RAWTOASTDESIGN


RAWTOASTDESIGN aka Jesse Kuhn caught my eye the other day with is piece, "mustache on my mind." Turns out he's got a strong body of work to go along with that one so be sure to check out his site if you get a chance. Today I'm featuring some of his editorial illustrations and I think a few of his children's book illustrations too.

Besides having great work I love this guy's attitude about work. According to his bio he's all over the place when it comes to location, taking full advantage of the mobility a determined freelancer can enjoy. Here's how he describes it in his bio:

His current location is usually TBA due to his obsession with the mobility and transparency that current technologies have allowed for with todays professions. One week you may find him back in his hometown putting the final touches on an editorial commission in a coffee shop, and then the next week in his studio in NYC. If it's been cold out for an extended period of time then you'd better look south, more than likely he's soakin' up some of that vitamin D on a Florida beach and completing jobs there for the month. Oh, and if you ever come across a human with a laptop, sketchbook, and scanner strewn out on the floor in the middle of an airport there's a good probability that it's RTD concocting something for your viewing pleasure in the not too distant future.
I hope his work and attitude inspire you guys :)

Written by

Nathan Weller