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Following up from our previous article, we would love to pay another homage to Friday Fresh Free Font Series that we unfortunately stopped doing. Is that something you would love to see come back? Let us know!

We are featuring the work of Andrew Herndon and his beautiful set of font entitled: Sonder Font. For this font, Andrew took a vintage approach with rough edges and a little bit noisy on the center of each letter. In the result of giving a great font for making logos, headings and traditional seals. He is offering a free family that you can download below or you can also buy the full typeface for commercial use. Enjoy!

Sonder is an exploration on vintage lettering. Sonder uses rough edges and inked center pieces to help the inner adventurer create bold headings and logotype. This is the Sonder family.

Sonder Font - Free FamilySonder Font - Free Family


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