Space Channel Visual Refresh - Motion

Tendril is a director-driven design studio based in Toronto, Canada. It is a lab and workshop where directors, designers, and artists from diverse backgrounds create powerful visual storytelling experiences, employing a wide range of styles and techniques. The project that they put together for the Space Channel refresh represent that vision quite well. They were also very generous with us by sharing a bit of the process behind this beautiful project.

The aim with this set of ID's and Promo toolkit was to launch a brand refresh of Space that would re-position for broader appeal, especially to a female audience. The past look and feel of Space is quite dark and clearly directed at young men. The intention with these was to keep things mysterious and sci-fi, but light-filled and colourful, and with one foot firmly planted in the real world. The IDs are meant to 'surprise and delight' viewers with the unexpected wonder that exists in the real world all around us.

For more information and behind the scenes process, check the project page on our site here:!/Project/space

Space Channel Refresh from TENDRIL on Vimeo.



  • Client: Bell Media Space Channel
  • Client CD: Mike Stanley
  • Production Company:Tendril
  • Creative Directors:Chris Bahry and Alexandre Torres
  • Executive Producer:Kate Bate
  • Producers: Anne Deslauriers, Leah Wesolowski
  • Music and Sound Design:John Black of CypherAudio

"Neon Spider"

  • Editor: Steve Manz
  • Concept Art: Rodolfo Perisse Rocha
  • Art Direction: Alexandre Torres, Leo Mateus
  • Modeling: Victor Hugo Dias de Sousa, Marcelo Alves de Souza
  • Additional Modeling: Vini Nascimento
  • Rigging: Clovis Gay
  • Animation and Web Dynamics: Marcin Porebski
  • Look Dev, Lighting, Textures, and Render: Marcelo Alves de Souza
  • Technical Director: Ben Pilgrim and Marcin Porebski
  • Compositing: Chris Bahry

"Space Projector"

  • Art Direction: Alexandre Torres, Chris Bahry
  • Modelling and Design: Alexandre Torres, Vini Nascimento, Rowan Simpson, Marcin Porebski, Christian Hecht
  • Technical Director: Ben Pilgrim
  • Animation: Marcin Porebski
  • Lighting, Render, Textures: Brad Husband
  • ParticleFX / UI / Hologram: Gabriel Rocha
  • Decal Textures: Steven Hollman
  • Compositing: Brad Husband, Chris Bahry
  • Editor: Steve Manz

"Space Eggs"

  • Art Direction: Chris Bahry, Leo Mateus
  • Look Dev, Animation, Rigging, FX: Will Sharkey
  • Textures: Will Sharkey, Alasgar Hasanov
  • Lighting, Render: Alasgar Hasanov
  • Compositing: Alasgar Hasanov, Chris Bahry
  • Editor: Steve Manz

    "Iron Pink and Blue"

  • Live Action and Art Direction: Chris Bahry and Leo Mateus
  • Compositing: Chris Bahry and Leo Mateus
  • Editor: Jackie Roda

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