#SPACEDChallenge: Best Design to win a MacBook Pro

Our good buddy Dann Petty has recently launched a RAD design challenge called: #SPACEDChallenge. So it's basically calling us designers from beginners to pros; to take part and challenge ourselves to come up with our best vision of SPACED through a logo, homepage web design and app design. The best 3 designs will win their own MacBook Pro. Make sure to carefully read the requirements and learn how you can submit your design. The deadline is February 12, only 10 days left. Give it your best shot!

This challenge is sponsored by Epicurrence—Winter Workweek, an event for creatives this Feb 26-March 2. Grab your tickets today. They start at $999 with lodging.

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What is #SPACEDChallenge?

#SPACEDChallenge Brief (In their words)


SPACED is a space travel company providing the ultimate experience for outer space travel with feature destinations like the Moon, Mars, Earth, and Europa. One of our top features is our cheeky customer service and speed—we can get you anywhere safely in our universe within 1 day.

What we need

Logo/Branding: We need a logo that sums up who we are. We go to infinity and well beyond. Homepage: We need a homepage that informs our potential customers about our safe travel experience to space. We’re really excited about our new feature destination, the Moon. The website will need to allow for our customers to book travel to our available destinations. App: We need an app that will allow people to book travel and experiences.

Words that describe us

awesome, tech, ultimate, experience, high-end, future, quick, elon, musk

Phrase that describe us

  • We’re more Virgin American than United but cheekiness of Southwest.
  • Tesla/Audi for space travel.
  • Our space suits are made by Nike.
  • Our customers can’t afford a Rolex, most rep Apple Watches if anything at all.
  • Our customers have at least one pair of white shoes.
  • If we were a computer we’d be an iMac Pro.
  • If we were a phone we’d be the Pixel 2 XL in white.
  • Stormtroopers + The Darkside.
  • More Coke than Pepsi.
  • If we were a billboard, our product would feature a Mini Cooper.

Our Target Audience

Humans age 25-45

Things to know

  • It’s always SPACED, not Spaced, or spaced.
  • Our tagline is: To space and back, safely.
  • We’re fans of lots of black and white with 1-2 accent colors.
  • We like sans serif fonts but not opposed to other options.
  • No VISA necessary for travel.
  • We have competitive pricing.
  • We believe the moon landing was 90% real.
  • The Earth is round.
  • We’re not alone.
  • Saturn has more rings that LeBron James.


  • Everything must be delivered by February 12.
  • All deliverables must be shown on either Twitter, Instagram, or Dribbble with the hashtag #SPACEDchallenge in order to be considered.
  • A judges panel will select the top 1 in each category along with the help of community votes. The top 3 will receive a MacBook Pro.

#SPACEDchallenge Design Feedback R1

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