Star Wars Episode VII Tumblr Site

I have been following the evolution of web design pretty closely over the last year always taking notes, bookmarking and looking for inspiration. It's crazy to think that a lot of sites became what Flash sites were in 2005. Many sites unfortunately rife with loading screens and animations that seem superfluous. However, there are things that really got better. Typography is much better and we're seeing sites with decently executed designs that resemble magazine layouts. For this post I'd like to share a Tumblr website design proposal created by Clément Pavageau (Watson DG) for Lucas Film to help showcase Star Wars Episode VII fan art.

Lucas Film asked Watson DG to create a tumblr website showcasing Star Wars Episode VII fan art. Art Awakens is a fan-art competition in promotion of Star Wars : The Force Awakens. Amateurs and artists fans can submit their art for a chance to be featured in a professional art exhibit. - Rejected design


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