Steam Typeface

Steam combines the spirit of the old-fashioned wood type with modern flavors. Its distinctive reversed high contrast and extremely bold serifs make it impossible to stay unnoticed.

It’s a fun and bold unconventional typeface that we’ve designed with great passion and curiosity! The type family consists of 13 weights that are divided into several packs. Each font in the pack can be layered on top of each other to make a funkier look.

Steam is multilingual! It speaks more than 130 languages and supports extended Latin, Cyrillic, punctuation, default and small numbers, symbols and signs. It is also familiar with the OpenType features like standard and discretionary ligatures, stylistic sets, localized forms, small numbers and fractions and more. 

Steam looks best on logos, posters, headlines, T-shirts and is perfect anytime you need some bold letters with specific flavor and touch.

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