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We have featured Socio Design a couple of times here on ABDZ but they keep delivering amazing work. This time we want to share the beautiful branding and visual identity work they did for Stevenson Systems. We also have to highlight our admiration for the simplicity and elegancy of their work not only in the visual identity but the web site as well.

Stevenson Systems are a Space Accountancy firm based in Los Angeles, USA. Founded by Peter L. Stevenson in 1986, they have been instrumental in shaping the industry by unifying the understanding of commercial measurement between architects and developers. - Bechance

Stevenson Systems approached Socio to create a new brand identity that would solidify their reputation as global leaders in the Space Accounting field and future proof the business from competing firms. A key requirement of the business strategy was to highlight the full range of services on offer that go beyond measuring buildings. To achieve this, we created a new mission statement of ‘Discovering Hidden Value’. This helped to suggest that the true benefit of their services lay in the opportunities a landlord was afforded from their consultation and management services after measurement. - Socio Design


About Socio Design

Socio Design is a Graphic Design agency. They work with a diverse range of clients, from start-ups to multinationals, creating memorable design that grabs target audiences, builds brands, and ultimately achieves results. From concept to completion they deliver engaging design solutions that work harder.

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