Stop Motion Inspiration

Last week i saw Michael Gondry's "Science of Sleep" again and respected on details. It's an unbelievable film-technique and i'd like to show you some cool stuff.

"Stop-Motion is a film-technique that makes a physically manipulatted object appear to move on its own. The object is moved by extremely smallamounts while every frame is being photographed."

Stop Motion is pretty simple actually and you can make great movies with that. There were lots of movies in the past who used Stop Motion. And there still using it this time. Check out these cool movies.

Millenium Falcon build with lego

Minilogue music video

Human Tetris

Sony Bravia

Adventures of Santa Claus

Lucky Strike ad from 1948

2d Mario ad

Human Skateboard "Sneax" Ad

PSP commercial

Cool stopmotion software

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