Graffiti Brazil: Mundano

From Brooklyn - Sao Paulo to Brooklyn - New York, Mundano has spread his art all over the place. His graffiti art is full of meanings and colors and can be seen in every corner of one of the largest concrete jungles of the world which is Sao Paulo, check out this great graffiti artist that speaks the truth.

Visit mundano at flickr and contact him at and follow him on twitter Mundano l is an artist that has been coloring the gray walls of Sao Paulo Brazil. This graffiti artist of only 23 years old make interventions that take away the attention in the middle of the chaos of one of the biggest cities in the world. Using graffiti as a social revolution, his characters are followed by messages sent so the people can see and think about the problems he mentions. The messages are chosen according to the reality of the local spot where the people walk and drive by. His graffitis can be seen in the favelas, big avenues, as well as art galleries. This really shows what a true artist is made of.
"My art express the feeling of every Mundano in the city, whether you not happy with the politics or you want to scream out your mind, that's what my art is made for, to represent the voice of the Mundano."
The word Mundano means Mundo + Humano (the world + the humans) The people of the city that interact with the urban life and it's attached to it's roots.

Graffiti on the streets of Sao Paulo

The city of Sao Paulo has a project called "Clean City" which is not only meant to clean the city it self but the walls full of rich and original Brazilian graffiti art. What happen is they paint over the graffiti pieces with plain gray paint taking away the beauty of colors made by these great artists. Mundano shows that the city should care more about cleaning criminals, corrupt politicians and the actual trash on the streets instead of the paintings on the wall. "They erased everything and painted it gray, the only thing left is sadness and fresh paint. Kindness generate kindness" the words of Mundando after painting the same spot for the 13th time.

Carroceiros Projects

I started this because everyone looks different to these guys that work hard pushing a wooden made cars to collect and make money out of recycled trash. Nobody actually realized the work they doing is totally hard and honest and they are the ones that are cleaning the streets. The work I do on their cars is guarantee to stay, the city can't paint it gray and I can't get in any trouble for it. Each car I do is to send out a message where talking the owner of the car we come up with ideas to speak their mind and show the people what a really true honest worker are. "My goal is that the 'carroceiros" (people that push these cars recycling papers) get more respect from the society for the hard work they do, I see a lot of guys wearing ties and looking at then like they are from another world, calling them names, and beeping at them to get out of the way. While they recycle trash that they don't even produce." Mundano painting

Peace is Never Enough

I recycle what about you?

My Car Does Not Pollute

If I could I would recycle the politicians

Mundano In Action

"Before I started painting I didn't pay attention to anybody, I didn't interact with the city, I didn't express my feelings."
Spray Paint, Marker, and House Paint on a found piece of wood

"If one person looks at my work and stop to think about what's going on in the city, and think about the message I send, I feel like the job was done."
Lichen Exhibition at Factory Fresh - Brooklyn, New York.

Acrylic on orange plastic paint tray with spray cans and beer bottle shelved on top.

Connection Brooklyn-SP with Brooklyn-NY photo: Mikeion

Metal door painted with spray paint, the first cactus of a lot to come.

This painting is near the Morumbi Stadium where Sao Paulo plays, soccer brings a lot of happiness and sadness to our people so "Enjoy the game with peace"

I express my self according to the place and the people that pass by it

What you think about Mundano art and the graffiti movement in Sao Paulo Brazil? Leave a comment and express your thoughts

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