Stunning Photography of Ethiopia by Hugo Santarem

Hugo Santarem is a photographer from Brazil and in 2016 he took a global ancestry DNA test to know his origins. From the result of this test, he decided to travel to the interior of the countries his ancestors came from. So far he has been to Kenia and Ethiopia. Before going to different countries he traveled to the interior of Brazil, spent some time in a quilombola community called Lagoa da Pedra in Tocantins state; went to the south to know the Gauchos and to the northwest to see the life of the cowboys in Piauí state. His main gal was to know even more about the beginning of these cultures and also about my origin. This post is a bit of what he saw in Ethiopia and it's part of what he calls The Project.

And I, like so many Brazilians, didn't know exactly where my ancestries came from, and the project is based on this, self-knowledge, discovery. From the result of the DNA test, I decided to travel to those places. When I saw the result and where I had come from, I created a deeper relationship and a huge desire to know more about them.

The Project is about this, the connection with other people and different kinds of culture, it creates respect and empathy, not just for the Brazil interior, but for the interior of every place in the world -Hugo says. He also adds: "We are more connected than we think. Deep down, the base of the Project is to respect the differences, to see people in the same way you see yourself. To feel connected to other people. To show a true interest to learn more about them. I believe that this is the journey that all of us should take, traveling or not."

For more information make sure to check out - Credits also go to Ricardo Moreira for the incredible photo retouching. 


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