Stylish Graphic design and Brand Identity for Peak Running

Peak® Running  is a graphic design and brand identity created and shared by Mane Tatoulian on her Behance profile. There's just too much to love about this project. From the imagery, composition, color palette and simplicity, everything seems to be right at they are supposed to be. I particularly love the black and white theme as you probably already know by checking the blog. Now, she added that great pop of color with the lime green and that adds so much more character to the graphic design, especially the posters. 

Mane Tatoulian is a graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her portfolio is full of beautiful work like this one. She seems to really explore this type of visual language, simple, inspired by Swiss style and with excellent presentation. I just wish she could share a bit more details about the creative process. Anyways, for more information check out:

Graphic design and Brand Identity