Stylish Illustrations created during Isolation by CranioDsgn Studio ™

Alex G. aka. CranioDsgn Studio ™ shared a compilation of illustrations that he’s done in his free time, during the isolation at home, to develop and experience new styles, challenges and paths. The outcome is really incredible and I can say, mission accomplished. 

If you don’t know Alex, he is a vector illustrator & graphic designer based in Valencia, Spain working for advertisement agencies & studios, magazines, fashion brands and all kinds of clients. Amongst his clients you can see heavy names like Warner Bros, NIKE, Audi, Microsoft, Newsweek, Red Bull, ESPN, FIFA, FOX, Playstation, Bacardi, Variety, Fortune, Forbes, Harper´s Bazaar, The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, Copa90, GQ France, Popular Mechanics, Adweek, MC Saatchi and many more.


Image may contain: sketch, drawing and cartoonImage may contain: drawing, sketch and artImage may contain: sketch, art and drawingImage may contain: drawing, sketch and artImage may contain: danceImage may contain: drawing, cartoon and sketchImage may contain: cartoon, illustration and drawing

For more information and to see Alex latest work on:Instagram

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