Sugar Bowl Resort 75th Anniversary Poster

The snow season has arrived here in the northern hemisphere and that means, skiing and snowboarding time. Coming from a tropical country, seeing snow is always something that fascinates me, I believe because it's something so different that every time I experience a new memory, almost like being a child again. Brian Miller created a poster for the 75th Sugar Bowl Resort Anniversary that illustrate this feeling I have pretty well. He was also generous enough to share his creative process, which is always really inspiring.

“Beyond was all around me. My dream was a dream no longer. I suppose I was here because this was something I had to do. Not just dream about it, but do it. I suppose too I was here to test myself. Not that I had never done it before but this time it was to be a more thorough and lasting examination.” — Richard Proenneke

The challenge with this piece was trying to show multiple aspects of Sugar Bowl which make it such a wonderful ski resort: great slopes, scenic views, and a snowbound village you actually take a gondola into (amazing!). I also had in mind early on the kind of lighting I wanted to use which would simultaneously capture bright slopes for skiing as well as lights within the snowbound village. That brings us to the next step...

While a number of my color options looked dramatic, a few of them skewed too far on the dark side, especially around the snowbound village. Tyler had the great suggestion of lightening up the town just enough so it would look more inviting without loosing the drama of seeing the town lights. The rest was history! Here are a few detail shots which you'd be able to see in the print:


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