Superb Motion Graphics by The Ronin

We've been checking a lot of graphic design lately, and forgot a little bit of the sweetness of motion graphics. Taking a look at some older posts, I found out that a great designer never got his own post here. This guy is know as The Ronin.

Rob Chiu is a British designer/director who has such an original approach to motion graphics, combing 2D illustrations with flowing camera movements, which is a great trend for motion graphics. And here's his 2009 show reel, which is pretty awesome, along with his works. The one called "Things Fall Apart" inspired Fabio to make his Mental Explosion tutorial for PSDTuts some time ago. Hope you all enjoy it and don't forget to visit his portfolio. Cheers! ;)

2009 Show Reel

Flash on the Beach

Webbys Gala Openning

Hurricane - Athlete

Things Fall Apart

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