Surreal Paintings by Jon Fox

I could describe the art of Jon Fox as a perfect mix between abstractionism and figurativism, although I think there's more behind its aesthetic. It's about a a personal journey inside the self, it's almost like we could almost make holograms of our feelings, emotions and thoughts.

You can more of this outstanding madness at his Website.

Investigating the ever-changing mindscapes and dream worlds that slide and shift beneath the surface. It’s a world populated by characters that represent thoughts and emotions, sometimes revealed in the heat of battle, sometimes caught up in seemingly endless cycles of mind games and thought puzzles or pondering over galactic connections, each scene taking place in a variety of lucid and illusionary levels and arenas of consciousness. On a voyage to the centre of the self, through scenes of fragmented apparitions..with the aim to try and discover the original source of these thoughts.. I guess to try and find the source of crea-tion (inside myself) where ideas are invented, decisions are weighed up, choices are made..where thought and emotion become the trigger for movement and put into action. I wanted to find out who gives the orders? Who’s in control?...who is really the master of this inner universe? (Jon's Website)

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