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Our good friend Rik Oostenbroek has been doing incredible for many many years and he never ceased to upscale his work, change the pace and explore new mediums. These are the right recipes from your personal work to attract possible clients sometimes big brands to work with, well it is the case with Rik. Swatch approached Rik for his experimental & personal FRGMNTS series. We are taking a closer look at his recent work for Swatch where he had to create two pieces and one in front of a live audience in a POP-up Gallery.

Swatch invited to create unique artworks based on their new POP line. All pieces had to include at least one of the new watches and I had to do one piece live in their POP-up gallery in Amsterdam. That's why I decided to go for a paint approach, not only because it fits the artistic values for the brand itself, but also because it would be interesting to show a process like that in real-life.



About Rik Oostenbroek

Other than being a professional Karaoke Singer, Rik is a self-taught designer and art director based in Hilversum, Netherlands. For the past years, Rik has worked with brands like Swatch, Nike, Mazda, ESPN and more. Make sure to follow his Instagram to follow his daily work.

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