GLASSWARP - Photography Experiments

Eugene Tumusiime is a London-based photographer, and during round 3 of lockdown, Eugene produced a self-initiated project called GLASSWARP. With a Samsung Galaxy S9, Eugene shot Christmas lights as they were bent, split and warped into different psychedelic patterns by different drinking glasses and a stapler. 

Ice Bubble — Photography by Alexander Schoenberg

We have already featured the incredible photography work of Alexander Schoenberg in the past, however it’s never enough. The quality of his work and the level of craftsmanship you see in the images deserve to be shared and elevate the bar for all. For this post I’d love to share one of Alexander’s projects that is titled Ice Bubble. As the title suggests, it’s a selection of photos of ice bubbles but with a masterful composition.

Birds of Oakland Photography

I love photography. I dabble in the world by taking photos but every time I do I am humbly reminded of my position in this field. I am an enthusiast, very far from a professional and that’s okay. As the classic surfer saying goes "The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun” I feel the same about photography, it’s all about having fun. If you have the right equipment, you can have even more fun! That’s the case with the new super telephoto lens I got for my Sony A73.

Barack Before Obama - David Katz’s arresting collection of images illustrating the making of an American icon

In 2004, David Katz worked alongside then Senate-hopeful Barack Obama as a photographer and personal aide. Katz became a trusted insider spending six days a week alongside the future president as Obama campaigned across Illinois. What started as a long-shot Senate run ended with the election of America’s first African American president in 2008. David Katz was there to capture every moment. 

Dawn よあけ — Cyberpunk NFT Photography

Francois here from abdz. I am excited to share that I just listed my first NFT on Foundation. It's the first of a 3-part series of 'animated photographs', introducing 'Dawn よあけ'. In all transparency, I am still discovering the world surrounding NFTs, I think we all do. I just excited to share more about my photography inspired by the Off-world of Cyberpunk.

Harbour Hamburg Photography by Alexander Schoenberg

Alexander Schoenberg is an award winning fine art and street photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. Looking at this work, you understand why. He shares some incredible photography series on his Behance profile, some in black and white, while some at times, with simply beautiful compositions. For this post I wanted to share some photos from a series called Harbour Hamburg II. As you can see below, the colors, the mood, everything is simply beautiful. 

Flying Hotels, a new series of surreal art by Matthias Jung

We're delighted to introduce Flying Hotels, a new series of surreal art by Matthias Jung. Jung has held a fascination for collages since childhood beginning in the photo lab of his father. With a simple pair of scissors and glue, he was inspired to create his first fantastic buildings and has been doing so ever since. His early process of cutting apart photos and making them into new shapes isn't much different nowadays. The digital possibilities in the realm of image processing have led many to be artistically impressed with Photoshop.

Hamburg Noir Photography by Apo Genc

Apo Genc is a Turkish born self-taught photographer with straight urban focus. Professional videographer since 2013. Former student of Christian-Albrechts-University (CAU, Kiel, Germany) with Magister Artium in Modern German Literature, Psychology and Sociology.Sci-fi inspired street scenes at night. Apo’s photography portfolio is quite inspiring and we’d love to feature one of his most recent series tilted Hamburg Noir. As the name suggests is about photos of light effects, at night with a noir look (our favorite).

Day & Night Apartments Buildings Photography

Antoine Lendrevie shared an awesome photography project titled Day & Night apartments buildings. As the name suggests it’s a photo of apartment building patterns and textures. I don’t know if it's just a photo or a collage, however I really like the color and composition of the day version. 

Cut Out Paper Compositions by Adrian & Gidi

​​​​​​We have featured the work of Adrian & Gidi here on the blog, but every time Adrian Woods & Gidi van Maarseveen, a young photography duo based in Amsterdam have a new project we know that we must post it here, like Cut Out, their most recent project.  We loved exploring new techniques to bring this project to life. We hand cut and painted paper to create these compositions.  We love the added tactile look the brush strokes combined with the paper textures gives theses visuals.

Architexture Geometric Patterns Photography

I spend a lot of time just browsing through sites like Pinterest, Savee, Behance and others. I love seeing what people have been doing or exploring. I always find some incredible work which end up here on the blog. Work like what Tom Leighton shared on his Behance profile, more specifically, a project titled Architexture, a photography series devoted to the geometric patterns and textures found in contemporary architecture. 

Mynstur a Collection of Icelandic Patterns

Guillaume Flandre is a London-based photographer with a passion for beautiful images. He shared a stunning photo collection titled Mynstur. In this collection Guillaume captures the Icelandic patterns from aerial photography to landscape. Iceland is one of the places I want to go once we can travel again, for now, these photos will take me there, even if just for a little bit.

Rewind - Giving a Twist to Daily Objects

Rewind is a personal project by David Fernández Atanes & Josep Prat Sorolla with the aim of experimenting and giving a twist to daily objects. The first collection was created during the first 2020 lockdown in Barcelona. It was an excuse to escape from the hard reality, a creative exercise to have fun. This project is a time-travelling invitation, in all ways. A total of 6 different acrylic glass clocks with vibrant colors and a deliberate 80s reminiscence.

Unsplash introduces 'Visual Search', a new way to find images

It's cool to see products sharing enhancements through user experience and technical implementations that actually improve usage on the daily basis. It might pretty much product talk right now but this is why I always admire what the fine folks from Unsplash are building. Today we are taking a look at 'Visual Search' which is a new way on Unsplash to find more images. In a few words, you start by either drag & drop or paste the image URL in order to find images easier either for topics, find the original image on Unsplash, or to find a similar image.

Overview Celebrates Mother Earth in all her aerial glory

Writing in with some inspiring shots from one of my new favorite projects celebrating our one and only Mother Earth from a bird’s eye. I was first introduced to the @dailyoverview by my sister when she shared a recent shot from the project’s Instagram showcasing a freighter full of containerized cargo awaiting its turn at Port. We come from a line of intermodal transport nerds as my late father spent summers working as a deckhand on an oil tanker in the South Pacific and always shared his love for being out at sea.

The Unsplash Awards 2020 Finalists are here!

Back in October, we have shared the exciting news of the fourth edition of the Unsplash Awards on abdz. For those who didn't know, I was selected as one of the judges and I had the mission to select the final selection for the 'Architecture' category. It was such an honor and it wasn't an easy task at all. I wouldn't have imagined that it would have taken me days of reflection and I went back-and-forth many times.

AIRPORTS - an Aerial Photo Book

We would like to share another photo book titled 'Airports' by the mighty Tom Hegen who is an aerial photographer based in Munich, Germany. We have featured his work many times on abdz, I think why his work is quite unique for two things. One, I do enjoy the fact that Tom actually takes 'aerial photography' from an actual helicopter ride, not just a 'drone shot'. It makes it even more challenging somehow. Two, the subjects that drive Tom's motivation are different from what we usually see on our social feeds.

A Photography Book: Shot on my Phone

My good pal Johan Corminboeuf has shared his photographic project on Kickstarter. A photography book titled: 'Shot on my Phone'. It's a 4-year photography project displaying his photographic journey and his adventures around the World. Now he needs your support to help put this 350+ pages & 6x9in book to realization. This book will include more than 300 pictures, hardcover, sewn binding, and printed in Italy.

New York Cyberpunk Mood Photography

Thibault Bunoust is an incredibly talented photographer based in Paris, France. He shared this set of photos titled New York that it’s simply stunning. The first time I saw I thought it was 3D. The lights, reflections, composition plus the cyberpunk style with night photography, neons and wet floors with volumetric lights. It’s the perfect combination. 

Padaung Women - Photography by Hugo Santarem

Hugo Santarem is a super talented brazilian photographer with an incredible portfolio. We’ve featured him here on the blog in the past and we will keep featuring his work because it’s simply beautiful. For this post I’d love to share some photos from his collection called Myanmar - Padaung Women. Hugo added more information behind the work as well.

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