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Paulo's Favorite Abduzeedo Articles in 2008

Paulo's Favorite Abduzeedo Articles in 2008

2008 was one hell of a year. There were literally tons of cool posts, and I had the hard mission to choose my favorites. Well, almost 3 hours later, this post is actually done. I hope you all enjoy my selection!! Fabio chose 60 articles, I managed to choose 72... tons, tons tons!! And since this is my last post until the next year begins (tomorrow, lol), I wish you all an awesome 2009! Cheers!! ;D Typography Addiction The Ultimate Bic Biro Artist 20 Beautiful HDR Pictures The Ultimate 80's Isnpiration Cool Science Fiction Posters Awesome Light Graffiti Pictures Swirl Mania in Illustrator & Photoshop Stunning Lego Creations Light Painting in Fireworks Inspiration: Rye Bread Interview: Cristiano Siqueira My First Band CD Creating a cool website header in fireworks Really cool eclipse effect in photoshop Stunning Girls Illustrations Inspiration: Nibbled Pencil Old Games in the Real World Super Cool Frilly Bits Typography Hulk Eyes Effect - Photoshop Tutorial Grooveshark Design Style in Fireworks Inspiration: Great Universe Collection Cool Pixel Art Illustrations Amazing Toy Art: Munny Inspiration: Tom Krieger Inspiration: Ilustration master Robert Mcginnis Batman Movies Posters DeviantArt Colors: Yellow Awesome 3D Works 7 Beautiful Title & Credit Sequence Designs Hand Drawn Movie Posters Wood in Web Design Web Design: Illustration Awesome Space Wallpapers Amazing Gutter Art Robots Rock Old School Game Cover Arts Web Design: Black Layouts Inspiration: Michael Jackson Video Inspiration: Magic Flashlights Inspiration: Mark Brooks Wallpaper of the Week #20 The Joker Action Figure Create an amazing ad in Photoshop Inspiration: Josh Keyes Wolverine Collection Save Polaroid Garbage Pail Kids The Star Wars Culture Incredible Custom Shoes Designs Amazing Absolut Vodka Inspiration Snes Game Cover Arts Old School B Movies Posters Vintage Halloween Inspiration Inspiration: Awesome T-Shirt Designs Outstanding Illustration in Photos Smoke type in photoshop in 10 steps Reader Tutorial: Typography Wallpaper in Photoshop Elvis is not dead Awesome Horror Movies Awesome Daft Punk Inspiration 30 impressing 3D portraits 14 photography masters 20 Stunning Dragon Illustrations James White "O" Series in Fireworks 20 Great Photo Manipulations 26 awesome 3D Robots, Cyborgs and Armored Suits Beautiful Fluffy Clouds in Photoshop Video of the Week #28 Watchmen Collection 50 Best T-shirt Designs of 2008 Abduzeedo 80's Party Terminator Collection

60 Great Abduzeedo Articles from 2008

Another year has gone, or it will be in a few hours. We have to thank you all for visiting and reading our posts, that since the beginning of 2008, they've been daily, and after one year we have a lot of articles. Some of this articles were forgotten while others are still getting a nice traffic. To celebrate the end of the year and the new year that's coming, we want to remember some of the best articles from 2008. All the series of posts started in 2008, the Best of the Week, Sites of the Week, Wallpaper of the Week, Daily Inspiration, interviews, and others. Amazing Photoshop light effect in 10 Steps Typography Addiction Interview: Photoshop Master Justin Maller Applying perspective without the Vanishing Point Filter Creating a crazy cool logo Sparkling Hot Girl in Photoshop Lighting Effects Inspiration Retro light effects - Pixelmator Tutorial (2 copies of Pixelmator to give away) Interview: James White The Ultimate 80's Inspiration Awesome Light Graffiti Pictures Giving your design a retro style Swirl Mania in Illustrator & Photoshop Wallpaper of the Week #3 Tutorial: Obama's Background in CSS - Part 2 Amazing Graffiti HDR Tutorial Interview: Chuck Anderson My First Band CD Space Lighting Effects in 10 Steps - Photoshop Tutorial s Creating a cool website header in fireworks Really cool Eclipse Effect in Photoshop Super Cool Frilly Bits Typography Stunning Photography Inspiration Beautiful HDR Pictures - Part 3 Batman Movie Posters Interview: Nik Ainley (Shinybinary) Hell of Tutorial in Photoshop Olympic Poster Design Over the Last 112 Years Awesome Space Wallpapers Old School Game Cover Arts Video Inspiration: The Tale of How The Tale of How from Shy the Sun on Vimeo. Great Photography by Dave Hill + Quick Tutorial A Design is Finished when... 23 Pro Designers' Opinions 17 designers favorite fonts Create an Amazing Ad in Photoshop The Joker Action Figure Inspiration: The art of Alex Sandwell Kliszynski Unique Style: A Designer's Perspective Wolverine Collection NOIR, depthCORE Chapter XXXV Inspiration: Vintage Playboy Cover Incredible Vector Illustrations by Mel Marcelo Inspiration: Patri Balanovsky Interview: Eduardo Recife (from MisprintedType) Super Cool Abstract Vectors in Illustrator and Photoshop Awesome Daft Punk Inspiration Inspiration: Andrew Greig 30 Impressing 3D Portraits Colorful Bokeh Effect in Pixelmator Design Legends #1 - David Carson and Book Giveaway 26 Awesome 3D Robots, Cyborgs and Armored Suits Flying Girl in Photoshop Awesome Light Effects in Fireworks inspired by the James White's O series 20 Great Photo Manipulations Inspiration: Surreal Art Psychedelic Life Tutorial by Guilherme Marconi Beautiful Fluffy Clouds in Photoshop - Christmas Tutorial Watchmen Collection 2008 - The best sites of the year New Year Creating a New Typeface in Illustrator

The Best Posters of 2008

Following our winner "The Best of 2008" series, today we've got plenty of posters for you guys! All the cool stuff... movies, Obama, and design in general! I hope you enjoy these! ;) Oh, and of course, feel free to comment posting more posters!! We'd love to see what other great posters we had during this year!! Another thing... since we don't get to celebrate 2 years all the time, today we're gonna have some awesome stuff for you guys! Be prepared. Cheers! DESIGN IN GENERAL

2008 - The best sites of the year

2008 was awesome and our Best Sites of the Week's series brought to us a lot of amazing trends on web design. We've featured amazing redesigns and web apps that made our lives online even better. So we've selected some of the best sites of the year in a single post. And for the next year we wonder, what will be the new innovations, and of course how can we contribute to make the web even better? DESIGN / CSS Jamie Oliver - "When I was about seven or eight, they let me peel the potatoes and pod peas, that kind of thing. By the time I was 11, I wasn't half bad at veg prep and I could chop like a demon! A lot of the boys at school thought that cooking was a girlie thing. I didn't really care, especially as I could buy the coolest trainers with what I'd earned from working at the weekend." Jamie Oliver Boagworld - Boagworld is the personal website of Paul (the Wurzel) Boag who lives in the heart of rural Dorset. He produces a weekly podcast along with Marcus (pop star) Lillington on all things relating to building and running websites. Lifestyle Sports - Lifestyle Sports is led by a strong, dynamic and diverse management team, who believe in their people and expect the best from them. We are proud of who we are and are committed to the highest standards. ijsfontein - IJsfontein is a specialist in interactive communication and media productions. Among the clients of the Amsterdam based company are broadcasting companies, museums, (consumer) brands and non-governmental organisations. A lot of IJsfontein's media have children as the main users, such as their BAFTA-winning game 'Master of the Elements', 'Hamsterwereld' (for Holland's biggest grocery chain Albert Heijn) and 'Blue World', which was created for Postbank. The games, interactive exhibits and innovative web-tools are used, played and enjoyed in Holland and abroad. Getty Images - Getty Images creates and distributes the world's best and broadest imagery collections, making them available in the most accessible and usable way -- 24 hours a day, every day. From contemporary creative imagery to news, sports, entertainment and archival imagery, our products are found each day in the full range of traditional and digital media worldwide. Ribbit - Ribbit is the first company to make it easy for developers to integrate advanced voice features into applications and services to unlock new levels of value for their customers. Ribbit has built two examples of how this works. Roxy - When Quiksilver decided to start a women's line in 1990, it was a gutsy move. The surf market has always been a fickle one. And female surfers, despite their achievements in and out of the water, hadn't drummed up nearly the notoriety nor the community that guys had long enjoyed. But great ideas always take some guts. And the company saw the untapped women's surf market as a huge opportunity. Turns out they were right. Ad Fed - Ad Fed Minnesota. Our reputation for throwing great parties and a killer award show precedes us. Ad Fed isn't your typical professional organization. We don't issue membership pins (we have pins, but they're given as awards, not worn on lapels). We don't condone hazing (the paddles in our office are for the Media Auction, we swear!). We do offer networking opportunities, seminars, speaker presentations and other events. College Park Church - College Park is an active and friendly family of Christ followers focused on teaching God's Word and reaching out, accepting and caring for all people. All are encouraged and challenged to explore God's truth, understand God's truth and live it out on a daily basis. Fabio Sasso Personal Website - I’m graphic, web designer and enthusiast from Porto Alegre, very south of Brazil. I’m a co-founder of a design studio called Zee and I run a blog called Abduzeedo where I share my thoughts, cool sites, and tutorials. Also, now I'm the senior designer at CSNGlobal. Lift Interactive - At lift, we take pride in creating work that is purposeful, innovative and refreshing. Whether we’re helping to create an identity, increase sales or communicate information, our goal is always to provide our clients with something that looks stunning and works great. Typechart - Typechart lets you flip through, preview and compare web typography while retrieving the CSS. Big Gnome - The name Big Gnome was born out of a late afternoon car ride among friends. The business Big Gnome was created from the conviction that life is too short to not enjoy work. For many, business is money. For us, business is people. Our clients enjoy working with us and we, in turn, working with them. It makes for a pleasant experience for everyone. Fancy that. Fabiano Meneghetti - Personal Website - I live Porto Alegre, Brazil. I have a degree in architecture but have been in the web design field since 2003 at Zee, where I'm the co-founder with Fabio Sasso. Currently I spend my day working at Zee, posting at Abduzeedo and learning and improving my knowledge to share on Abduzeedo and apply to personal projects. Carbonica - In Carbonica, we help you make a difference and combat climate change. Most human activity causes CO2 emissions, contributing to global warming. In Carbonica our goal is to help you, your family and your business reduce your carbon footprint. Media Temple - (mt) Media Temple, Inc. is an industry-leading, privately held, profitable web hosting and software application services company based in California. Suie Paparude - Suie Paparude group was formed in the autumn of 1993 in The Club, of 5 members: a guitarist, a drummer, a bassist (MihaiDobre), a clapetist (Michael Campineanu) to address an alternative-style new-wave (New Order era). (by Google Translate) Springloops - Springloops is a unique source code management tool focused on web development teams. It allows you to code in parallel and share your code safely concentrated on results, not on lost changes or overwritten files. You get rapid collaboration in protected space. Addictionary - The Addictionary is a site for word lovers and those who like to see our beloved English language grow in serious or humorous ways. We built the Addictionary to empower word-play and to help lovers of word-play showcase and market their cleverness and creativity to the world. Every feature in the site tries to keep that in mind. Let us know if you have suggestions in that regard. Web Design Ledger - The Web Design Ledger is a publication written by web designers for web designers. The primary purpose of this site is to act as a platform for sharing web design related knowledge and resources. Topics range from design inspiration to tips and tutorials and everything in between. COMMUNITY/STORE/PORTAL/NEWS Plurk - Noun. plurk (plüer-kh) - A really snazzy site that allows you to showcase the events that make up your life in deliciously digestible chunks. Low in fat, 5 calories per serving, yet chock full of goodness. Tennessee Summertime - Traveling to Tennessee makes sense. We have natural beauty, southern hospitality, serene weather, and something for everyone. And, we are within a day's drive of 65 percent of the United States population. What more could you want in a travel destination? Tennessee welcomes you to explore everything we have to offer. Community of Sweden - Welcome to – the official online community for Sweden! Here you can share and enjoy photos, travel stories tips and more from friends in Sweden and all over the world. Anyone can join CommunityOfSweden. Muzu TV - MUZU™ TV - Your Music TV. Where bands, artists, festivals, venues, broadcasters, music magazines and more broadcast their music TV on the web. Pattern Tap - Pattern Tap is here to satisfy and encourage the inspiration needs of my interface design peers and peeps. We aspire to be the design tap for your next inspiration need. Current - With the launch of, the first fully integrated web and TV platform users can participate in shaping an ongoing stream of news and information that is compelling, authentic and relevant to them. TechCrunch - TechCrunch, founded on June 11, 2005, is a weblog dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies. In addition to covering new companies, we profile existing companies that are making an impact (commercial and/or cultural) on the new web space. Mia & Maggie - We’re not that different than you, really. We love dogs, and believe they’re entitled to the best care possible. As product designers, we appreciate high-quality, innovative products that are as beautiful as they are functional. And we see no reason these passions can’t be combined. Live Conference 2008 - LIVE Conference 2008 is a two-day national business conference hosted by the University of Toronto Scarborough. Held in the heart of downtown Toronto, LIVE brings together the brightest and most ambitious undergraduate business students from across Canada. Built around an intense competition, LIVE allows delegates the opportunity to fuel their passion. Brightkite - Brightkite is a location-based social network. In real time you can see where your friends are and what they're up to. Depending on your privacy settings you can also meet others nearby. Bridge 55 - Bridge 55 welcomes you to our online Mens Designer Clothing store. As an independent fashion specialist we are pleased to offer you the finest brands in the latest styles. Our brand line up includes G-Star Raw jeans, Henleys, Gio-Goi, Bench, Duck and Cover Clothing, Superdry and many more. Ning - Ning offers the latest social networking features, all infinitely customizable to meet your unique needs. The Ning Platform makes this possible. As a platform, you don't have to appeal to Ning for the features you want. VirbShowcase - VirbShowcase was created for the sole purpose of showing off the so many beautifully-designed VIRB profiles that can be found on the social networking website, AOL - You may have noticed that we've made some major changes to the home page. And if you haven't, we're in the process of rolling them out to everyone in the coming weeks. So change is coming soon. Magpie - Magpie is an ad network for Twitter. Our customers sign up and create campaigns which consist of magpie-tweets (i.e. ads). Twitterers allow us to post magpie tweets among their tweets and for them to get paid for it. Cafe Press - What's that? In a nutshell we sell T-Shirts, apparel, gifts for the home, stationery, gear, and other stuff that gets printed on. But the interesting thing is, we don't design a thing. Our shopkeepers create the designs. So every time a shopkeeper designed product sells, they make money. Mozilla Community Store - Every t-shirt in this store was created by a member of the worldwide Mozilla community. Pick your favorite design and customize it to suit your taste, or start from scratch and add your own. WEB APP - is a social bookmarking website for visual contents — (read visualize us) allows you to remember your favorite images around the web, and share them with everyone. Tinysong - TinySong allows you to quickly share music links with your friends. Posterous - Posterous lets you post things online fast using email. You email us at and we reply instantly with your new posterous blog. If you can use email, you can have your own website to share thoughts and media with friends, family and the world. Idée Multicolor - We extracted the colours from 3 million “interesting” Flickr images. Using our visual similarity technology you can navigate the collection by colour. Also available with Alamy Stock Photography. Delicious - Delicious is a social bookmarking service that allows users to tag, save, manage and share web pages from a centralized source. With emphasis on the power of the community, Delicious greatly improves how people discover, remember and share on the Internet. Face Your Manga - Express yourself through your image and share it whoever you want. Enjoy yourself by discovering unlimited combinations to realize your virtual alter ego. Mint - Mint is fresh, intelligent online money management. Not only is Mint free, it saves you money. While existing personal finance software packages require hours to set up, a passion for accounting (is that possible?) and hours of weekly maintenance, Mint is virtually effortless. Cappuccino - Cappuccino is an open source framework that makes it easy to build desktop-caliber applications that run in a web browser. Joost - What's Joost? It's a way to watch videos – music, TV, movies and more – over the Internet. We could just call it a website ... with videos ... but that's not the whole story. Alltop - Alltop is an “online magazine rack” of popular topics. Tell us what you’re interested in, and we’ll bring you stories from the best websites and blogs on the topic. All the topics, all the time. Espresso - Espresso is not a bunch of apps forcibly smashed together. Instead, we looked at the needs of modern web developers and streamlined their workflow into one focused app. Extremely powerful editing, sleek projects, live preview (we make CSSEdit — did you really expect anything less?), real publishing and extensive synchronization tools. Mailchimp - Email Marketing Done Right — Create Easily and Send Confidently. Logbook - We’re extremely proud to announce our very first app. It’s called Logbook, and it makes updating your Backpack® Journal a breeze. For a while now, we've been using Backpack® Journal to keep our team connected and we absolutely love it. Sikbox - The easiest way to have a fancy and useful live search on your blog. Just grab our code and place it anywhere on your site and you are good to go. The search works just like Google suggest and you have all the power to customize it the way you want. - is a wiki-like service to collect and share setlists. You can search, add and edit setlists and embed them into your website. All for free! MTV Music - I Want My MTV! The New Campaign Monitor - This one sure has been a long time coming. After months of hard work, we're very excited to announce that we're merging our 2 products - Campaign Monitor and MailBuild - into a single platform launching at the end of the month. FLASH SITE Alfa Romeo 159 - "Vivez l'expérience 159" Rock Your Look - Use your webcam to create the best karaoke video and win a trip to present at teen coince 2008. Hellohikimori - Colours walk with us, tohether, we fight. For brands, for design, for interaction and even for glory, sometimes. We breathe creativity. Togheter. Always. Mojave Experiment - Welcome to the 'Mojave Experiment.' What do people think of Windows Vista® when they don't know it's Windows Vista? We disguised Windows Vista as codename 'Mojave,' the 'next Microsoft OS,' so regular people who've never used Windows Vista could see what it can do - and decide for themselves. Now decide for yourself. The Adventures of Tinger - Tinger is a Bavarian Wolpertinger, a mythical creature who used to live in the bavarian woods with his best friend Kaes, who is a living piece of meat and the last orginals "laberkaes"... ONY. Kvorum - We create beautiful, emotional and meaningful visual images which help goods to become alive and start speaking to people in human language. Blake™ - Brand Workforce - We enlighten companies and individuals around the world, providing branding and design solutions. Bigman - Born in 2007, Bigman is a creative agency for traditional and new medias... Matheus Lopes - Amazing portfolio from Maheus Lopes, an illustrator from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Ian Wharton - 2008 Portfolio of London Art Director Ian Wharton. Thinkology - Web design and multimedia in Devon. Thinkology is a multi-disciplinary creative agency primarily involved with digital media. This includes Internet Design, Branding and Identity Design, Packaging Design, Interactive presentations, Prototypes, Usability Studies, Web Applications, Content Management Systems, Email Marketing, Film Production, TV Advertising and probably more. We're a talented bunch! 2advanced - As the rich media landscape is forever evolving, the demand for high-impact experiences rises to new levels, as we constantly strive to achieve lasting impressions for our clients. Since 1999, 2Advanced Studios has been regimented to this principle through our notion of “Progressive Design Technology”; which simply reminds us that within each and every client engagement there exists and opportunity to explore new creative potential. Javier Ferrer Vidal - Javier Ferrer Vidal is an artist graduate in the specialty of artistic photography in Valencia, Spain. Protect 7-7 - 7 continents. 6 elderly. 4500 children. 1 home. 1 legacy. Infinite paths to the future. Protect 7-7 is the powerful new creation of renowned Belgian artist and photographer, Wim Tellier. St. Francis is Happy in Greenville - Bon Secours St. Francis Health System cares for your well-being and helps those moving or living in Greenville South Carolina live happy healthy lives. Discover city secrets, find moving tips, and locate the best physician for you. BLOG/PORTFOLIO DeepSleep Studio - Designer Alex Martinez, operates DeepSleep Studio. A creative spae based out of Miami Florida. Alex has a background in the fine arts ranging from painting, sculpting, printmaking and collage. An outlet was discovered once he opened himself to digital media. Design has been fuel ever since Jason Santa Maria - Jason Santa Maria is a Graphic Designer living in sunny Brooklyn, NY. He serves as Creative Director for Happy Cog Studios, both in New York and Philadelphia. This status grants him access to most black-tie galas and groundbreaking ceremonies. delrancho - Ricardo Villavicencio AKA delRancho is Designer from Santiago de Chile AdaptD - AdaptD is a small web design and development firm based in Bucharest, Romania. We are committed to creating beautiful and highly functional websites, following the exact specifications of our clients. You can always count on us. We are responsive and reliable. misprinted type - Misprinted Type is online since 1998. It is my playground! It started at first as a way to simple distribute the fonts I was creating back then. Later on I decided to also put some collages and drawings... Today Misprinted Type is where I put my ideas together, either in the form of a simple text, a collage, a drawing or a typeface. Everything you see here is my personal works and projects, there is no client, no brief, nothing... Call it design, illustration, art or a waste of time, for me its a theraphy, a hobby and what makes me happy. Vitor Lourenço - Hello, my name is Vitor Lourenço. I’m an independent User Interface and Visual Designer, currently working for some great web 2.0 startups and design agencies around the world. Joshua Gorchov - Joshua Gorchov graduated from California College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design, and is currently working on both editorial and commercial illustration assignments. His work responds to a broad range of subjects with a distinctive graphic language which is both vivid and conceptually concise. jaboh - Experience and creativity to think and design graphic design innovative and functional. For the web, printing, corporate identity or multimedia formula is the same: Change the color emotion and the sign in question, communicate the complexity of an idea in a form that is not trivial but synonymous with usability, speed, originality. Designsensory - Designsensory delivers a complete range of award-winning brand, internet, and design services. We develop strategies to deliver measurable results and help organizations differentiate through better and impactful design. Matt Dempsey - Hey there, my name’s Matt and I’m a freelance web graphics designer from London, England. I specialise in the design of user experiences online, as well as print design offline too. Reactive - We're a Web design and interactive agency that was founded in 1997 with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and London. Impartial and independent, we’ve staked our claim as leaders in the Web design industry by offering effective strategic and creative Web design and development services. Duoh - Duoh! is the brain child of Veerle Pieters and Geert Leyseele. Our focus? Brand identities, illustrations, and user interfaces with beauty and brains. CSS, (X)HTML, web standards, accessibility, and design, design, design! Fuel Your Creativity - This site is an open forum where everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to exchange ideas and tips. It’s not just for designers either. Writers, photographers, graffitists…come one, come all. There will be new posts a couple times a week and depending on the moods of my dogs, sometimes more than that. Check back often. It is my hope that you will… Serial Cut - Serial Cut™ is a creative studio established in 1999 by Sergio del Puerto, focused on Art Direction + Graphic Design + Illustration. Quality design from Madrid, Spain. Thuiven - Yes we do. We first dress them up and then we teach them a lesson. Thuiven is an Israeli company specializing in giving web design and development services all over the world. By using the latest technologies, we build websites that are attractive, standard compliant and easily managed.

2008 Most Beautiful HDR Images

2008 was a great year for HDR. Hundreds of blogs were posting about the new and awesome way of photographing. So did abduzeedo, we wrote lots of articles which were visited more than 2 million times. Enjoy our list of the most beautiful and most interesting HDR Images of this year. In this year the HDR-photomapping became really huge. Why? Because its very easy to create and very powerfull. The images look incredible proffesional. For those who don't know what HDR is, I try to explain: What is HDR? HDR is the short form of High Dynamic Range, a technic that allows a greater dynamic range of luminances between light and dark areas of an image, like on the example: Usually you take 3 shots of the same subject with different exposures. The image in the middle is presented as the normal image. The image on the left has a lower exposure value what makes it more darker and shows very light details like clouds. The image on the right has a higher exposure value than the original to point out details of darker areas. What now happens, is that all of the three shots are going to be merged together in one singel image. There are several great tutorials on the web, also on Abduzeedo, with detailed explanations. For example: How to create HDR Photos I know that you guys have made hundreds of good HDR's. So just leave a comment with a list of YOUR favourite images and post it. Here is a "Best Of"-Compilation of the most beautiful High Dynamic Range Images of the year 2008. Enjoy.