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Artwork Feature #6: Diftnorm - Golden

Alexander Otto, better known as Diftnorm shares his experiences with a 3ds Max project he has been working for 4 weeks. "Golden" is a collection of fine elements mixed with a lot of surrealism I've never used any kind of 3D applications to work on my stuff, but in last year's October I got pretty familiar with Cinema 4D. Actually I was highly surprised by it's super easy interface and workflow and how easy it is to create simple renders. But I stopped using it early this year because I jumped into 3ds Max which has totally blown my mind away. From that I needed to learn a lot of stuff, very easy like what render engines are available, getting familiar with the interface in max, starting to create simple models, et cetera. After that I tried different Plugins in 3ds Max like Rayfire, Multiscatter, Fume FX, how to render large scenes with Vray proxies, integrate RealFlow meshes, render a composition with Vray and much more. I haven't worked on a personal piece in a while so I thought this would be a great project to combine it with my new skills. I really love hyperrealistic situations turned into surrealism. So basically I created this piece to show up some of my new skills — Golden contains three levels of golden elements mixed with a lot of surrealism. In the very beginning I had the idea of creating some kind of box model with 3 floors, each special in theme, style and object choosing. For reseach and development I put a few models that has matched with my concept into different compositions for getting a feeling. You can find three selected pieces here — I like them because they've some kind of lo-fi tech feel: RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT After I had the right feeling of what style, objects I'd use in my piece I concentrated myself on building a shape that allows me to integrate all my stuff. I've chosen a very high rounded box with just three stages. All three levels are visualy linked with the red cracked crystal in the middle. Below you can find a screenshot I took to give you an idea how it looks like in the 3D application - just in case you've never opened 3ds Max. The final scene was way to heavy to render it on my old PC - yes I was working with a PC - so I needed to split the scene into 6 pieces for rendering it in a high-resolution. It was a nightmare, trust me. Detail Renders: For more information about Diftnorm please visit