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New Work of Josh Keyes

Some people think Abduzeedo is all about graphic design & illustration. But once in a while we hit you with some incredible painter, like Josh Keyes. Josh Keyes had a feature on Abduzeedo in 2008, but he really improved his skills and released some interesting artworks, so we had to show you some of his new work. All of those paintings were done on 30"x40" panel with acrylic in his studio in Portland, Oregon. Where to find Josh Keyes on the web - Website - Buy paintings

Acryl Paintings on Three Dimensional Surfaces by Alexa Meade

A friend passed me the link to a gallery today. At first I wasnt really impressed. They looked like typical acryl painting - and that is the mysterium - they werent. Alexa Meade , a Washington DC based artist, uses acryl paint on three dimensional surfaces to make them look unreal and succeeds For more information please visit her website