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Ad Campaign: Play it Smart

Ad Campaign: Play it Smart

"Play it Smart" is an awesome ad campaign by Bonux, a laundry detergent company. Very creative way to create flags from hanging clothes. Check it out! Credits Advertising Agency: H&C Leo Burnett, Beirut, Lebanon Executive Creative Director: Malek Ghorayeb Creative Director: Alexandre Choucair Senior Art Director / Copywriter: Thierry Chehab Photographer: Diane Aftimos / The Film House Regional Communication Director: Alex Simonian Junior Communication Executive: Elsa Azar Producer: Zeina Mokdad Published: June 2014 More Info

Nike Hair in Photoshop

A couple of weeks ago I was playing in Photoshop in a Saturday afternoon and decided to create something using hair texture and photos. I was thinking about just a text with that but then I had this crazy idea of playing with the NIke Air brand to create the Nike Hair Ad in Photoshop. This idea is heavily inspired on the work of Glenn Jones AKA Glennz, always playing with real brands :) So in this tutorial I will show you how to create a funny photo manipulation to create the Nike Hair ad. The tutorial is very simple and won't take you more than 30 minutes. Step 1 Open Photoshop and create a new document. I am using 2560x1440 pixels and white background. After that get the Nike logo online. It's pretty easy to find, just do a Google Image Search Step 2 Once you have the Nike symbol it's time to use some hair photos. The one I am using is by 1809056 Ontario Ltd and it's called long brown hair style on white. Courtesy of Shutterstock. Place the image on your document and make sure that the Nike logo is on top of it. We will use it for reference. Step 3 With the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) select the area of the hair image you want to use only. Delete the rest of the hair. Step 4 Go to Edit>Transform>Warp. Start deforming the image so you can sort of make the hair follow the nike symbol. Step 5 With the Magic Wand Tool (W) select the nike symbol. Then select the layer with the hair photo and group it (Layer>Group Layers). With the group selected go to Layer>Layer Mask>Reveal Selection. Step 6 Now that you have the base for the nike hair idea you will have to make it look more real. The secret here is start adding some hair on the edges of the symbol to make it less uniform. To do that is easy. First select the hair image again and delete the white background. Use the Magic Wand Tool (W) again and select the white part. Go to Select>Refine Edges. Enable the Smart Radius and select the brush icon. Paint over the hair and then press okay. After that just delete the selection and you will have extracted the white background of the layer. Step 7 Start mixing some parts of the image with your logo especially the edges. The sort of tail is pretty easy (1) just add a part of the image and adjust with the warp tool again. Now the curve on the left requires more work. Notice that the edges are not perfect. So to do that just select the Brush Tool (B) with a very small and rounded brush. Then select the group with the hair and click on the mask. Now start painting on the mask with white color like as you were creating some hair. Step 8 Select all layers and duplicate them. After that with all the duplicated layers selected go to Layer>Merge Layers. You can use the keyboard shortcut for that: Command(mac)/Control(pc) + Alt + Shift + E. With the new layer selected go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Use 10 pixels for the Radius. Change the Blend Mode of this layer to Soft Light. Step 9 Add a new layer and then with the Brush Tool (B) and black for the color paint a little shadow underneath the symbol. You can use gaussian blur to make it very soft like the image below. Conclusion Just add the word Hair using Futura Condensed for the font and our funny Nike Hair image is done. As you could see the process was extremely easy. The most important thing is always the ideas. Creating funny representations of brands is a good exercise and we can always learn a lot from that. Now it's up to you, I would love to see what you can come up with :) Download Photoshop File Download the Photoshop file used for this tutorial

Cool Beer Ads #4 - Budweiser

Continuing our Cool Beer Ads serie, today we will show some pieces from Budweiser! We will show here some cool Budweiser's ads from the 60s and also some of their new stuff. And of course we will also show Budweiser's famous frogs commercials and other things, so check out our last post by brand... next week I will start posting about the different styles of beer ads! Let me say that due to Budweiser 'fame and size' (specially in the US) I thought it would be easier to find their stuff online... but, it was not so simple to get good quality images to show you guys. Anyways, I hope you like the selection. ;) And for the next post, let me know witch ad style you would like to see first: funny, clever, sexy, retro,...?! Enjoy... Budweiser's Wallpapers Click at the image to go to Budweiser's site and choose the size you want to download! Some Videos

Case Study "Deadliest Catch"

I am very happy to post this case study of an Ad for the Discovery Channel most popular show "Deadliest Catch". Created by the Polish Master Designer Peter Jaworowski, you will be able to see step by step how he got such an unbelievable result, you must see this one! This work was created by Peter Jaworowski, if you interested in doing a case study please contact me. Global Key Visual created for Discovery Channel and one of their top shows Deadliest Catch. Credits: Creative Director - Stefan Poulos Associate Creative Director - Andrew Heckel Art Director - Luke Watkins Studio Photographer - Scott McDermott On-location Photographer - Corey Arnold Art Producer - Lisa Nagy Ars Thanea - Final Close ups

10 Awesome Ad Campaigns

If you looking for a good inspiration with a mix of good design, a lot of creativity and great digital art skills. You will definitely find a bit of everything on these awesome ad campaigns, creating ads today it's a great challenge, because the designer is not only advertising a product but his own work as well, and these guys sure did a great job on both sides. For more visit Lee by: Perri Alley by: Smirnoff by: Robin Broadbent MINI by: Dunkin’ Donuts by: Jazz Radio Scotchgard by: Nokia by: CONDAT by: SHYNO by:

Absolutely Beautiful Comcast Commercial

Yesterday, during a little internet surf, I ran into some commercials that really got my attention. Comcast has been featuring some sweet commercials that look a lot like pixel art and/or The Sims, which is totally cool. Also, it has a lot of that indie film feeling, with the singing and all of it. And I really love this graphic look they gave it. Again, it looks a lot like those huge pixel art showing whole cities and funny situations. Anyways, these are absolutely beautiful and I hope you all like it. Cheers!

Branding: Commercial Wars Between Coke and Pepsi

TV commercials are a really important part of a brand's identity, along with the logo and slogans used over time. Just as the other parts of the identity, it tells us a lot about the company's positioning. Also, we get to see how they find themselves within the market. We manage to find 2 basic characteristics in these commercials: the use/or not of celebrities and the use/or not of emotional appeal. Mostly, all Pepsi commercials tend to use celebrities, and have no emotional appeal. They're just selling their product, and don't bother to attach any kind of feeling to that. Check out these Pepsi commercials: Michael Jackson. We drink Pepsi and dance... yay. Cindy Crowford. That one hot chick drinks pepsi. And that's it. Spice Girls. We used to be huge, and since we drink Pepsi, you should drink it too. Christina Aguilera / Ozzy Osbourne. WHAT? Seriously... Beyonce / Britney Spears / Pink. We are hot and we will rock you if you don't share your Pepsi with people. Kylie Minogue. If you drink Pepsi, you'll be so freaking cool, that even that untouchable celebrity will want you. On the other hand, Coca-Cola keeps the same strategy from the beginning: we are a traditional brand, people know us and know the quality of our product. Also, for being such a solid brand, they keep positioning themselves as an emotional brand. It sells tradition, warm feelings, brotherhood and happiness. Check these commercials out: Happiness Factory. Give a little love. Polar Bears. Polar Bears and Penguins. Santa Claus. The Christmas trucks. So, as you can see, these 2 brands have their own, singular positioning. And it's very clear why most people tend to choose Coke over Pepsi. Coke sells all the things that bring people together. Pepsi sells futility. And no, I'm not a Coke fan. Now, trying to be neutral, how do you guys see these commercials? Do you see them like me? Is Coke's positioning really the best one or Pepsi makes its way selling a product, not a feeling? You tell us! We'd love to hear from you. Cheers! ;)

The Amazing Designs of Peter Jaworowski

Here is your chance to check out some of the most amazing designs by the Polish designer Peter Jaworowski, a master that has worked for the biggest companies out there such as Nike, Oakley, Nokia, and much more. His work is a mix full of live colors and energy, check it out. For more visit Peter Jaworowski, co-owner of Warsaw based studio Ars Thanea, lead designer and illustrator. Represented in London, New York, Sydney, Amsterdam and Frankfurt by Debut Art. Peter is regularly featured in design and industry publications, such as Computer Arts, idN Magazine and Advanced Photoshop just to name a few. He is news author and contributor on Reform & Revolution and Cpluv.