Adobe teasing some new features about XD and Illustrator at OFFF Barcelona

First of all, would love to salute all our friends and partners at the on-going OFFF Barcelona that is happening from May 24-26. For the occasion, the kind of folks from Adobe were there and they took the opportunity to present a teaser of new features coming soon on XD and Illustrator. Make sure to check the videos below!

Adobe is introducing their third visual trend of the year: Multilocalism

The awesome folks from Adobe is introducing their third visual trend of the year: Multilocalism. What is it? Let's just say it's all about going back to your roots. Where are you from? Where are your parents come from? How about your grandparents? It's an origin of a multi-cultural question but mostly it's all about: Where do you feel yourself at home? I guess this is what is more important, let's take a look at this stunning and exclusive photo gallery that reflect Adobe's connections in a multi-local world.

Art Installation of Adobe's Summit Identity

Nothing is more inspiring for a designer to work on a project where the client just gives you full creative control. Well it's the privilege given from the team at Adobe when DBLG London when they took on the task to build a physical installation for Adobe's Digital Marketing conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. They built a bespoke installation which was 3x5 meters tall, with over 47 handcrafted pieces assembled together.

Adobe is introducing Motion Graphics for beginners and professionals

Our friends from Adobe has launched earlier this year: Motion Graphics templates for many of us designers who are using motion for post-production workflows or even creating micro-interactions. I love the fact that they provide a variety of files established for beginners all the way to the real professionals. Also one of the best features is the integration between After Effects and Premiere Pro. It prevents editors from having to alternate between the two applications during the post process.

Coca-Cola x Adobe Collaboration by Vasjen Katro

It's always lovely to see one of your inspirational designers kicking with amazing projects one after another. It is the case with Vasjen Katro and his collaboration work with Coca-Cola x Adobe. Using Adobe Creative Cloud Tools, his task was to simply create awesomeness for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics inspired by Coca-Cola. The results are stunning and reminding what we mostly used to do 5-6 years ago. Hit it!

Adobe Stock: Integration with Google Slides and more

Our friends over Adobe is having a busy week with a couple of cool announcements that includes a new add-on that will let you do more within your Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Announcing their integration with Google Slides to allow users to easily create, edit and collaborate meanwhile using their inventory of images at your disposal. You'll be also able to search for images, explore curated galleries, perform a visual search and more. On the other hand, Adobe Stock is introducing a new member to their team that will be acting as the first director of editorial content.

Introducing Adobe Creative Resident Chelsea Burton

We hope you're getting familiar with the Adobe Creative Residency program at this point, an amazing endeavor brought to us by the dreamers at Adobe who are generously empowering talented individuals to spend a year focusing on a passion project, while sharing their experiences and processes with the creative community.

Introducing Adobe Creative Resident Aundre Larrow

It's day three of featuring the six lucky Adobe Creative Residents of 2017 on the blog and today we're pumped to showcase the moving work of photographer Aundre Larrow. In his own words, Aundre is a Brooklyn-based creative focused on community building, photography and strategy with some other stuff sprinkled in.

Introducing Adobe Creative Resident Rosa Kammermeier

We're excited to share our next Adobe Creative Resident of 2017, the talented Rosa Kammermeier. We posted about the overarching Adobe Creative Residency Program yesterday in case you need to catch up on the phenomenal endeavor by Adobe to support the creative class in pursuing dream projects.

Adobe Take 10 Challenge: Imagination with Günther Gheeraert

We have featured an Adobe Take 10 Challenge before on ABDZ, it was in collaboration with Joshua Davis. With great success, our friends over Adobe is making this happen with another Take 10 Challenge. Themed “Imagination,” participants will have to create an original artwork from a custom audio track and 10 Adobe Stock videos. Here is more about the breakdown.

Adobe Stock: Stepping into the Third Dimension

Each month, our friends over Adobe Stock will explore through their photo database what creators have been up to making. For this month's theme, they are looking into 3D with a number of artists. From architectural renders and automobile design, to furniture ads and abstract art. 3D is all around us, and new creative tools are opening up 3D technology to any designer who wants to give it a try.

Adobe and Hootsuite announcing a partnership & integration to Adobe Stock

Our friends at Adobe are announcing a partnership & integration to Adobe Stock with Hootsuite. Efficiency is part of what is driving our workflow in the present day and this new integration can certainly help accomplish goodness. Hootsuite customers will be able to edit and optimize images for social using Adobe Creative SDK, as well as discover and license content from the Adobe Stock library of over 90 million high-quality assets. This integration with Adobe Creative Cloud allows users to search and license assets inside Hootsuite without interrupting the workflow.

How to Create a Composite Dreamscape using two photos in Photoshop

It's Friday and we would like to share this fun tutorial from Adobe in collaboration with photographer named Jaxson Pohlman. It's about creating a composite dreamscape using two photos in Photoshop. As most of us like photography, it's always nice to add some spark to your pictures with a simple technique. Let's take a closer look.

Adobe Stock: Breaking the Rules of Composition

Each month, our friends over Adobe Stock will explore through their photo database what creators have been up to making. For this month's theme, they are looking at how creators have been making things that aren't coming from the ordinary. Deliberately breaking the rules of composition to shock or unsettle us, confronting the hard things. Let's take a look.

Adobe hires Val Head as Design Evangelist and UX Innovation

Our friends over Adobe recently announced the hire of Val Head, a Pittsburgh-based author and professional that specializes her work into UI animations across interfaces. She will be working as design advocate focusing on UI/UX animations reporting to Khoi Vinh from the Adobe Design team. Let's get to meet her.

Adobe Stock introducing New Editorial Collection & Next-Gen Search Capabilities

Our friends from Adobe are introducing some pretty cool features with Adobe Stock. One of them is an editorial collection with big partners that can provide photos from a diverse range of subjects. You should definitely check out their announcement video to get a little sneak peek. Another thing they have announced is the enhancement of the search capabilities within Adobe Stock. We all know how frustrating it can be during a photo search when the search options aren't accurate or friendly enough. Seems like Adobe changed this issue for the better, let's give it a try.

Introducing Adobe Creative Residents for 2017-2018

Adobe is introducing the latest creative residents for 2017. Imagine getting the opportunity to spend an entire year working on a personal project with provided tools, resources, guidance and etc? That would be great right? Well, this is what Adobe's Residency program is all about. With the goal to create a positive impact in both the creative community and around the world; we are introduced to six new creatives that are ready to take on this journey. Let's meet them!

Adobe Premiere Pro Make the Cut: Winners Reveal

Last month, we've featured the 25th anniversary celebration of Adobe Premiere on ABDZ. What we've included was an announcement for the global editing competition Make the Cut in partnership with Imagine Dragons and featuring a panel of video and entertainment industry luminaries. The grand prize winner will claim a grand prize of $25,000 and here is the winner and winners from subcategories.

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