Sweet Papercraft Town Project

Papercraft is one of those things that amaze me. Some projects might take hundreds of hours to be completed, but the outcome might be just amazing. That's the case of this paper town made for an advertisement for Historically Bank Constanta. Crafted by Sophia Antidze, Abesalom Kavelashvili and Van Sage, it was a 336 hours long project and they built over 370 objects. This is just amazing! For more pictures on this project, please visit the project page at Behance!

Character Designs by Jira Jiramakorn

Character Design is one emerging discipline on the last decade, since brands started noticing that characters were a better way to communicate with their consumers than just simple advertisement. Jira Jiramakorn is one of the prominent names on this scene, having a quite distinguishable and effective style, here are some pics of the process and artworks he did recently.

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