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Advertising Photography by Jean Yves

Advertising Photography by Jean Yves

Jean-Yves Lemoigne is an advertising photographer from France. His advertising work does not look like classic advertising and it's super creative and well executed earning him many awards over the years. Check them out and let us know what you think. For more from Jean-Yves visit and

Super Cool Jazzfest 2013 Poster by  Christoffer Meyer

Super Cool Jazzfest 2013 Poster by Christoffer Meyer

It's always incredible to see what designers and digital artists can do with the tools available nowadays. Photoshop has become such a powerful tool that it's possible to make some simple and clever ideas come true with precision and style. A good example is the official poster made for a jazz festival in Trondheim, Norway by Christoffer Meyer. It's a simple idea executed to perfection and that's why we were inclined to share the creative process behind it. Christoffer Meyer is a photographer based in Bergen, Norway specialized in Advertising, Retouching, Digital Photography. For more information visit The process: Final Details Applications

Colorful Havaianas Project by Colorsponge

Colorful Havaianas Project by Colorsponge

Havaianas is one if not my favorite Brazilian brand after Abduzeedo of course. Now seriously, Havaianas has been one of the exponents of the Brazilian colorful culture across the globe and it's always inspiring to see people from other countries exploring that like the Havaianas project by Colorsponge with special collaboration with Serial cut. For more information visit

Creative Direction by Felipe Luchi

Creative Direction by Felipe Luchi

Felipe Luchi is an awesome Creative Director from Sao Paulo Brazil. He works at Agência Talent and you can tell they have plenty of talent there by these advertising campaigns I selected to share on this post. Enjoy! For more from Felipe Luchi visit or catch him on twitter @felipeluchi. You can also check out Agência Talent Walita Mixer Print campaign Troia (Troy) Print and poster campaign for antacid. Watch out for unpleasant surprises. Jailhouses Go Outside Magazine Esso Newspaper cover printed on a flannel

Creative Advertising by Platinum

Platinum is a creative studio of 13 artists from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, mastering and mixing their skills in photography, illustration, 3D and CGI. Platinum creatives just seamlessly good together, you clearly see why they just have clients all around the world. Hope you will enjoy these incredible and creative advertisements. To find out more about Platinum, you can check out their website at

Vintage Games Advertisements

The good ol' days! Nothing would beat getting home from school and playing your favorite game in your Genesis or your Super Nintendo. It was the 16bit and 32bit glory days and I must say, they're very much missed. And here are some heart-warming advertisements of some classic games, such as Rambo, Indiana Jones, Top Gear, and many others, that anyone who got to be a kid in the 90's might remember. Also, we'd love to know which games were your favorite ones. My favorite was definitely Tiny Toons and Desert Strike. I hope you enjoy these ads! Cheers. ;)

Super Creative Ad Campaigns by Lorenzo Vitturi

In the world of Advertising creativity is everything and Lorenzo Vitturi sure knows how to pull it off. Born in Venice, Italy, Lorenzo is a photographer/designer with a lot of experience and an amazing portifolio. Check out what and how he gets done. For more from Lorenzo Vitturi visit Freddy Olympics Print campaign for Freddy the official sponsor of the Italian Team at the Olympic Games in Beijing Big Bang Theatre Palladium theatre print campaign MeltinPot Print Campaign and Catalogue

Impressive Art Direction by Tom Emil Olsen

Tom Emil Olsen is an award-winning Art director and Graphic designer with over 11 years of experience. Located in Aalesund, Norway, he has headed up several engagements and developed design solutions for important Norwegian and International clients. His various education includes Business Marketing, Advertising, Graphic design, Art, illustration and design. The first time I saw one of his work I was totally blown away with the quailty and attention to details, some pieces are very simple but extremely elegant For more information about Tom, visit his agency Web site at or his Behance Profile, there are an impressive number of images and information about his work, be prepared to spend a few hours checking out his portfolio, it's definitely worth it. Proud, Orange & Blue Aalesund Football Club is one of Norway's strongest brands. We have provided development of the clubs visual identity, overall marketing development and concept images. Coldwater Prawns of Norway Three former competitors with long experience of prawn fishing teamed up to form Coldwater Prawns of Norway to have a joint sales and marketing company. The company's boats account for about 60% of all shrimp that are caught by the Norwegian ocean-going vessels. Coldwater Prawns of Norway enters the future with one of the finest, purest and healthiest product in the world. The company were also recently announced Official Associated Member of Bocuse d'Or. Tire Hotel "We offer a one year stay for four. Including two annual Tire shifts, cleaning and storage of your summer and winter tires, as well as annual wear check. We provide your tires a wonderful stay throughout the year. They get the best service, cleaning and care. The tires are checked for wear, so you can be sure that your safety is ensured when the car will hit the road again. If the tires have excessive wear, you will be notified so that we can replace them with new and safe tires." SUROFI Rebranding of a 65-year-old visual identity. SUROFI was founded 24 July 1945, and is the second largest sales organization in the whitefish sector in Norway. SUROFI have a monopoly on all first sales of white fish and shellfish in his district, which is the western part of Norway. Gutters & Glory The Book was awarded Gold in the highest ranked book-design award in Norway, "Årets vakreste bøker" ("The most beautiful books of the year"). The award is delivered by "Grafill" (The Norwegian Organization for Visual Communication). Comment of the Jury: "As good as Gold. Heart Warming and well-founded anniversary script that catches the timeperiods. Fantastic portraits and picture stories from the Companies history" Bring the world to your home. Whenever you want. Optical Fiber Campaign for Norwegian Power Company, "Tussa". The concept was based on using celebrity stand-ins/look a likes from the media-world, to visualize the most important product advantage; flexibility of choice. Text: "Bring the world to your home. Whenever you want". We also focused on the speed and precision of the product. The campaign included ads, leaflets, direct mail, posters, microsite and exhibitions stands. Mother A film for Norwegian Centre of Expertice - Maritime Mother from Havnevik Reklamebyrå on Vimeo.

Outstanding Advertising Inspiration

Now days ads are everywhere, it's almost impossible to go somewhere without seeing some kind of ad. The ads that strike me the most are the ones that can combine a good idea with a good execution, and these ads I selected are really interesting and outstanding for that. Check it out! All enclosed places are too small for smoking. Autopoint: Feet Extra Strong Coffee Keeps food fresh for much longer. Viera 3D All movies now on your iPhone. Canal+ Soothes irritated skin. You know you love it Hawaiian Tropic Extreme Waterproof We push you to the limit so you can feel alive again. Sticks everything safely. Fish Eaters of the World. Fresh All Summer. The world is your playground Go back in time.

Giveaway: D&AD 2009, The Best Advertising and Design in the World

TASCHEN has teamed with D&AD to make its previously exclusive and highly-coveted Annual – featuring the year’s best creative work – available to the public. The awards panel judges over 20,000 works from design studios, advertising agencies, branding consultancies, film production and photographic agencies, digital media pioneers, and other creative firms from all over the globe. Winners receive the legendary D&AD Yellow Pencil Award – or in the case of exceptional and outstanding work, the rare Black Pencil Award. The TASCHEN D&AD Annual is an absolute must-have reference work for anyone interested in creativity, communication, design, or advertising. For further information visit: Giveaway We have 2 copies of the D&AD 2009, The Best Advertising and Design in the World book to giveaway to our readers. To participate is very simple, just leave a comment suggesting us books to read, they could be books about design or any other subject. Inside the Book About the editor: The annual D&AD Awards – the industry’s biggest and best – reward outstanding creativity, originality, technical excellence and innovation in design and advertising. D&AD is a nonprofit educational charity that was launched in 1962 by a group of London-based designers and art directors, with iconic and legendary professionals on both its judging panels and winners lists. By celebrating creative communication and rewarding its practitioners, D&AD raises standards across the industry.

Great Advertising Photography by ED McCulloch

The best thing about blogging is that we discover new professionals all the time, and in this post it's not different, it was a suggestion from a reader, and it's this amazing advertising photographer from Salt Lake City Utah called ED McCulloch. ED has been creating things since he was born way back in the 70's. While in school he studied art and visual communications. He also spent some time studying art direction in South Beach. Ed works as a collaborative team to help create new and unique images. He feels that through collaboration and teamwork the greatest ideas can be cultivated, nourished and brought to life. Form more information we highly recommend that you visit ED's website the photos are simply awesome. Some Photos See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch See more at (open in new window) © ED McCulloch

Amazing Advertising Campaign Designs by Limb

Liem Nguyen aka Limb is a Art Director from Bangkok, Thailand and it's specialized in advertising design. Every one knows that the key to stay alive in the business you have to remain creative and Liem has no problem being creative. His works are not only creative but right on the dot, sending a clear message that will hit you right the way. Enjoy! My name is Liem, pronounced "Limb". This leave-behind portfolio was designed to clear up any confusion. And also save me from explaining for the 147, 824th time, how to pronounce my name. For more visit Limb on Behance and All of my work is inside this little usb drive, so when I go to interviews this is all I bring with me. Art Directors Club (ADC) Awards I developed this concept and worked with photographer, Olaf Veltman, to create these call for entries posters for the annual Art Directors Club (ADC) Awards. The ADC wanted to elevate the status of what it takes to win a coveted Gold Cube so these ads depict hard work, dedication, and lack of sleep. Pepto Bismol I developed this concept and worked with illustrator, Hyeondo Park, to create this print campaign for Pepto Bismol. A visual pun was created for the term "Food sits well" using a chicken for poultry, a pig for pork, and a cow for beef. I actually met Hyeondo through Behance and this was our first time collaborating on a project. Hats off to him for some hilarious illustrations. Ippudo I came up with this poster for an authentic Japanese ramen restaurant in New York called Ippudo. The tear pieces resemble their egg noodles. The ramen is handmade fresh everyday so each piece says "Freshly cut ramen served everyday at Ippudo" followed by the address and phone number. VICKS I came up with this concept and worked with photographer, Chad Riley, to create this print campaign for VICKS. The idea is to make a visual pun of the term "stuffed nose" and how VICKS is there for you if one shows up. Because let's face it, who wants a stuffed nose anyways? I had the actual stuffed noses (felt, fur, terry-cloth) made in Singapore by a prop maker. The props ended up looking freaky and weird which actually helps the idea. All the actors are friends of mine who played each part perfectly. Bounty I came up with this concept and worked with Gigunda Group to create these posters for Bounty. The strategy was to focus on the absorbency power of the paper towel... so we literally created big spills. In New York we greeted busy commuters with a giant coffee spill. In Los Angeles we greeted all the weekend shoppers with a giant melting popsicle. It took 24 hrs to melt all the way through. Coinstar I came up with this concept worked with photographer, Li-Han Lin, to create this print campaign for Coinstar -- a machine that gives you cash for your coins. I wanted something visually simple and iconic. Thus, showcasing broken piggy banks not full of coins but what the potential inside of them could be. No need for a headline if the visual does all the explaining for you. This campaign is currently in various advertising award shows. NYC Taxi I designed this bus shelter campaign, and also wrote the copy, for NYC Taxi. It strategically targets people who ride buses instead of taking cabs. I also know first-hand that waiting for a bus in New York sucks. Advil I created these print ads for Advil, head-ache medicine. I wanted to do something simple and polarizing, in effect to give people an actual head-ache. This campaign won a Gold Cube at the International Art Director's Club and was featured in the Graphis Annual, as well as CREATIVITY and CMYK Magazine. Amazing, isn't it? For more visit Limb on Behance and

Great Vintage Advertising and Propaganda

Since we're having some cool posts on modern vintage, I thought "why not real vintage"? Vintage ads and propaganda are a true inspiration for every designer, on how they used to set typography, and many other elements through the canvas. So here's some great examples of vintage adversiting and propaganda. Mainly from the beggining of the last century, these are still really fresh. And for me, what's the most incredible, is the fact that these have been really inspiring people almost 100 years later. That's the power of good design: it is timeless. I hope you enjoy these, and if you got any piece inspired in vintage advertising and propaganda, drop the link in the comments section. Cheers! ;)

Video of the Week #31

The fact that the last video we've posted here was a car commercial as the one we're posting today has nothing to do with coincidence. It's an awesome thing how these commercials are getting better, and better. And of course, they are not always the same. Last week's Lexus commercial had a lot of motion graphics, today's video is totally simple, but beautifully done, and I bet you'll love it. Enjoy! ;)

Advertising Master: Paul Arden

As a designer, you are expected to be novel, to create, to design; not to replicate. This industry is possibly one of the most competitive in the world; quite often it is easy to settle for mediocrity. In this article I hope to put in plain words my thoughts on going against the grain and always pushing the barrier on each project. After all, as I say, what’s the ‘worst that could happen?’ The late Paul Arden was a significant figure in advertising, having worked as a creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi during the pinnacle of their advertising might. He was involved with many of their high profile clients and was behind some of Britain’s most unforgettable advertising campaigns. Throughout this article I’ll be referencing two books written by Arden, ‘Whatever you Think, Think the Opposite’ and ‘It’s not how good you are, It’s how good you want to be.’ I would strongly suggest getting a copy of each as they are incredibly inspirational and will certainly change how you work and respond to future briefs and problems. They aren’t lengthy or complex but probably the most powerful books I’ve ever read. Psychological, inspiring and matter-of-fact, these books encourage you to reach out for your dreams while at the same time giving you tools of observation that will be useful to you whether you’re in graphic design, industrial design, new media or photography. An anecdote from ‘Whatever you Think, Think the Opposite’: There is a story of a professor who was bathing in the river Cherwell in oxford, at a place called Parson’s Pleasure, in which it was the custom to swim naked. As the professor got out of the pool a punt of undergraduattes glided by, whereupon he grabbed his towel and wrapped it round his head. The twist in this story is an unlikely way of thinking. The professor solution to the problem was innovative and cleaver. Arden makes many references to breaking the rules, making bad decisions and taking risks. By going against the grain you will come across something special. Take for example, Dick Fosbury, he was an Olympic high jumper that instead of turning his body towards the bar, he turned his back on it. As a result he set a new world record, the technique has been named after him and is now the standard for jumpers. Above all, what I learnt from Arden was that you should always tackle the norm with those crazy ideas that you thought would never work. Be willing to take risks even if the stakes are high; because when it comes down to it, it’s those who are willing to persevere in the face of adversity that will go on to achieve great things. You are in control of your success, nobody else is. I hope this article has interested you and hopefully inspired you to do great things. Further Reading:,+thinking+laterally&source=web&ots=KIIDY-ohVg&sig=CsbZd4-rEeokkQUcmCPs_I936Do&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=4&ct=result#PPA154,M1

Video of the Week #24

It's been such a long time since we had our last video of the week that I has to post some cool videos I found this week. It's about the awesome Hummer, and got a great concept. The creaters of this ad were really thinking outside the box. These commercials are really great and brilliant at the same time. You'll guys will love it, I know. Enjoy!! Cheers! ;)

Awesome Clever Advertising

One of the biggest challenges when advertising a product, is to come up with an idea that is not obvious, but still is clever enough to deliver the message your client wants. When you do that and still manage to be funny, you hit the jackpot. Here are some examples of clever advertising and how a simple idea might be just the right one to go with. Remember, complex might not be best way, so stick to simple ideas... most times less is more! Found these on Flickr. Enjoy!