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Cool Digital Painting Posters & Covers

This is a mix of posters and covers digitally painted by Ashley Claypool who is a digital illustrator for Lantern Press in Seattle, Washington. Her work is very playful and very well done with some great detail and nice use of typography. Check them out! For more form Ashley visit her deviantart gallery

Stunning Airbrush Surrealism

Anton Semenov aka Gloom82 is a designer from Bratsk, Russia and a master of surrealism on his free time. The quality of his works is simply amazing, the attention to detail and the overall look of some of his pieces will freak you out. Enjoy! For more from Anton Semenov visit Arlecchino Auschwitz Black Dream Evil Jump King of the Hill Lola Mirror of Destiny Morning Mouth No Polar Bear Society Surrogate Talisman Thistle Weiss's Secret Winter

Airbrush Master: Adam Klodzinski

One of the greatest things about blogging is the chance we have to get to know new artists and designers. We receive quite a few emails every day with suggestions and most of them are from guys we did not know. That's the case of Adam Klodzinski. Adam is a master of airbrushing, he is from Poland but has moved to the UK, in Bornemouth where he runs Soap Airbrushing. My name is Adam Klodzinski, owner and arstist of Soap Airbrushing. Soap has estabilhed rootos on the south coast of the UK, in Bournemouth. I started life in Bydgoszcz, Poland and was always drawing, my skills as a young man soon develpoed and before long I was getting a lot of credit for my work. Images I soon got the only airbrush that anyone should use, and Iwata. I started using my airbrush alongside my spary cans and the combination provided massive improvements. Videos I have now completed various types of projects including Cars, Bikes, Watercraft and Planes. Also I've been working with Interior Designers and Architects to airbrush bespoke interiors... For more information visit Soap Airbrushing webiste, it's definitely worth it.

20 Fantasy Digital Paintings

Fantasy art is the freedom for your imagination, if you looking for something different and unexpected in a artwork, always long with dragons, fairies, angels and demons. It's great to see all these crazy things put together in such good concepts with great illumination and colors, check it out. Did you like this post? How about the Abduzeedo's new Limited Edition Tee "Goddess of Abduction"

Inspiration: Tom Krieger

It's always great to find some "unknown" artist who makes good art. Tom Krieger is one of those... he makes really beautiful illustration, airbrush and all that. Thank God I found his deviantART account... we had only his Flickr account, with only a few works. And man, he's even better than I thought. Check out the dog and cat "illustrations". Amazing.