Amazon Web Services: Design System

Design Systems, a term that is easily misunderstood among many of us or within the industry. Why? Well, it's because we all have our own conclusions about what is a Design System. I don't personally think there are any right or wrong ways of creating a DS (Short of Design System). I believe that it all depends on what is the scale of the company you are working for whatever that is small or big. This is where the difference should be more affected by. We can go deeper on ABDZ if you wanna know more about Design Systems.

Some Branding Projects for Amazon Japan by Hiromi Maeo

Hiromi Maeo is a designer from Tokyo, Japan. Founded his company Enhanced Inc in Japan, Hiromi has worked with brands like Google and Amazon for example that we are showcasing today. Introducing some projects that he worked for their creative team. All Rights to Hiromi Maeo

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