Discover iOS Apps: Dreams, Sunset Micro Journal and more

We have been testing out some new features on Instagram including what they called: Questions. We asked you guys about: What do you wanna see more on ABDZ, many of you wrote about a comeback of Weekly Apps. Well here it is, we heard you! We will be sharing a collection of apps on iOS and Android that we have discovered or simply would like you guys to discover. For this week's, we have an app for tuning TV right on your smartphone.

Sneak Peek at the #NewVSCO

VSCO is personally one of my favourite Photo Editing App out there, I almost use it every single day. I really love it because it's a great tool to create/make. Ever since they've updated the capacity to save larger images, that was a game-changer for me and I am pretty sure for most of us. Nowadays, we tend to use filters almost everywhere on Social Media, I love VSCO because you can take a subtle approach while creating a greater picture. We are sharing a sneak peek of the NewVSCO.

Design Hunt: a great source of inspiration into an app

For those who are always looking for great source of inspirations for design projects would be awesome to give a try at Design Hunt, a daily collection of the best products, apps and inspirations for all creatives. We carefully collect, curate, and review all content before publishing. We pick the best content from all major content providers like Designer News, Pinterest, Product Hunt, Dribbble, Fast Co, Designspiration, etc.

National Geographic World Atlas iOS App

Take a look behind the scenes of the full redesign of National Geographic World Atlas IOS App. The design process included examining and updating the features in the existing app, with a focus on elegant typography and usability. Check it out! National Geographic wanted to completely refresh their very first iOS app, the World Atlas, so they approached us to rebuild it from the ground up. The design process included examining and updating the features in the existing app, with a focus on elegant typography and usability.

Concept Design: Medium for Android

Medium has grown so big and beautiful in last few months. It it probably most elegant, fast and functional platform to share the amazing stories and ideas with everyone out there. Every day thousands of new voices publish their unique experiences, views, and reflections to, creating the largest, most diverse collection of stories on the internet. Medium for Android, is a simple app that lets you read and write the stories that matter most to you.

The Grid: Platform - UX/UI

Since the first time I heard about the Grid platform I got really curious about the idea behind it. "The Grid harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to take everything you throw at it - videos, images, text, urls and more - and automatically shape them into a custom website unique to you." - Sounds awesome but I really wanted to see a bit more about it and in this post I finally got an idea of how the outcome will be, and it look awesome.

YouTube Kids!

Hello Monday and YouTube got together, and in the beginning of 2015 announced the birth of their love child, YouTube Kids! A safe place for kids to play. I don't have kids but I decided to take a look and I have to say, I love it. It's just amazing to experience a new, more simplified way to browse videos.

MyApp Templates

Have you ever thought about launching your own app? I do all the time. I love to build things hence starting Abduzeedo. Back in the day web was the medium, now however, apps are taking over. So, if you want to create your app you most definitely need a programmer, but with some basic templates it's possible to learn by doing or understanding how it was done.

Music App - Motion Design

Motion design has become a super important part of any mobile app design. Smooth animations and the right curves can give to your product a much more refined look and feel. We see simple bounce and elastic effects give a organic feel, because that's the way we things happen in real life. Apple has been exploring this for a long time and more and more we see product designers working closer with motion designers to enhance the user experience.

Hospital App - Concept by Jurgen Ploeger

Designing mobile application has become what designing websites were in the Web 2.0. There are many differences between these two medias, for websites context was more predictable, someone would have to be using his/her computer. With mobile phones the context plays a huge role and understanding where, when and how people will interact with your product will give you the insights you need to design a better product. Today we feature a really cool concept app design for nurses created by Jurgen Ploeger. This concept hospital app let's nurses monitor their patients, e.g.

The Collage - Tablet App

It is amazing to see the evolution of interface designs. More and more designers are reducing the differences between design seen in magazines to design of software, especially for tablets. The Collage is a great example, it brings a lot of the layout style commonly seen in magazines. The result is super sleek and we look forward to seeing more apps like this. Browsing the latest news and trends from fashion shows to architecture on The Collage is inspiring. It is a minimalist style magazine on iPad designed to collect the most avant-garde visual content.

Case Study: Weather and Time App

On this case study we will go over an app idea by Bulgarian designer Spovv. His idea was to create an app that tells the weather by the hour, and also allows you to access email. The design is very slick so let's take a close look at it. For more from Spovv visit

Wyzowl Promo Video Giveaway + Winner Announced

Promotion is a very important thing when it comes of spreading the word and get more exposure. In association with Wyzowl, a web video company based in New England. We're giving away to one lucky winner, a free app or promo video by Wyzowl playable for Mac, Web iOS and Android. Prize One lucky winner will get either a free app or a promo video by Wyzowl for your site or product. A prize worth of $595. We'll announce the lucky winner next week!

Cage App: Next Level of Collaboration for Designers + Discount Code

The Cage App is a new way for designers and teams to share, manage and approve your creative work and build an easier relationship with your clients. It is as simple as it sounds! Let me take you through some of those features and you will see how quickly you'll love to give it a try! Cage allows users to easily upload and present files, manage tasks, organize revisions and receive approvals all in one simple environment.

App Review: Gradient by Jumpzero

Today I wanna share a review about an app I tried a couple days ago and I truly enjoyed it. It's the Gradient App from Jumpzero, the app is the opportunity to create gradients for web browsers. It's a really good app for the web designers and also for designers that wants a useful colour app at hand. All rights reserved to

UI Design: Reinstall My Apps

It's awesome when some of our posts get attention enough to get people interested in showing their work. That's exactly the case of the Dear Future Astronaut NY, a Swedish creative group.

UI Design: Sad Comics for iPad

Comic books lovers everywhere gotta love when they get to see a beautifully designed comics app. The secret for a good comic app lays in its simplicity. Cool simplicity, I must say.

UI Design: Tiny Gift App for iPad

There are many great apps for devices, but we don't get to see very often what I call "good causes" apps. This is the Tiny Gift for the iPad, a nice way for making donations to causes you care about. And the best, it pretty well designed.

UI Design: Workamajig - Creative Management

Following our "not official" series of UI Design, today we present you a nice work management app for the iPhone called Workamajig. This one is solid, with a pretty clean design.

Abduzeedo iPhone App

Finaly our Abduzeedo iPhone App is up at the Apple App Store and it is free. The first version is all about inspiration and you will be able to access the images from the Daily Inspiration series on the go. If you have an iPhone give it a try. Abduzeedo is one of the design world's most sought after blog for inspiration and tutorials. The blog is run by design junkies for design junkies, always striving to provide the community with the latest and hottest of what the web has to offer.

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