Contemporary Sculptures by Deane McGahan

I wanted to change the pace a little and share the incredible work by Deane McGahan, a sculptor based in Seattle, WA, USA. Her incentive foundation is coming right from that region where natural beauty lies everywhere. The simple color strikes me clear beauty and almost feel like the piece of Fortress of Solitude. It's impressive and wonders what would be the process behind. Hope you will enjoy them as well.

NASA's Visions of the Future

Following NASA's series Space Posters , they recently released a new series entitled: Visions of the Future. From what I was aware of, I've never seen NASA giving so many beautiful opportunities to makers and creators. For this case they thought about sharing a graphical tribute to the Grand Tour, the Mars Exploration Program and more.

Artist Raku Inoue recreates the Adobe CC logo with beautiful flowers

Our good friend Raku Inoue just released his latest stunning project, a collaboration with his series Natura Insects with Adobe Creative Cloud. Basically, as you can see by the cover, it is a reinterpretation of the Adobe CC logo made of real flowers displayed over a styrofoam board base. The level of creativity is always taken to a higher scale with Raku and it's not the first we have seen of his craft on ABDZ.

Lyst X-Rays 2018’s Hottest Sneakers

To explore what lies beneath the construction of some of this season’s hottest sneakers, Lyst has collaborated with British artist and photographer Hugh Turvey to X-ray some of this season’s most hyped sneaker styles. Toeing the line between photography and radiology, Turvey's work uses x-ray technology to create what he calls xograms, a fusion of visible light and x-ray imagery.

Creative Growth Art Center - Truly Inspirational

I always like to feature things that inspire me, most of the time it's about a piece of graphic design, a website. Lately, it has been about books, especially biographies and books about investment (I need to retire one day ?) as well as photography and of course UI and UX, which is my day to day job. I know it might sound cheesy but inspiration is everywhere and with the globalized world that is even more clear. However, I got truly inspired by a cause that has filled my heart with happiness and brought tears to my eyes, but not of sadness, but enlightenment.

Art Tributes for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 movie

Alright, gloves off. The sci-fi sequel movie who has been in the making for the last 30 years is coming to theaters (this week). Let's welcome Blade Runner 2049! Bringing us back in the futuristic universe of replicants, we also get the return of Rick Deckard played by Harrison Ford himself. I can't wait watch this movie, the first mastery definitely changed the genre. By the meantime, let's take a step back and enjoy these art tributes!

Art Love - Akron Museum of Art's "Find a Face" Exhibit

We scooped this news from our friends over at Artsy on a fun new exhibit dubbed "Find a Face" taking place at the Akron Museum of Art. The exhibit was inspired by the psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia that causes the human brain to lend significance, predominantly facial features, to random patterns. The art world tends to be the most popular place this marvel shows up.

Papercut Art of Endangered Species by Patrick Cabral

A papercut art series that makes you go wow and wonder if it is real or not. Well, it's real and it's called Endangered Species by Patrick Cabral. Based in in Manila, Philippines, he is a designer and typographer but he is also a paper cut artist. This project is a collaboration with World Wide Fund for Nature and Acts of Kindness to raise awareness about species that are in danger.

Bringing Unity in our diversity through large Mural Design

We are huge fans of Kyle Steed and have been following his career since the early days of the blog. We've always admired his work, even though according to him, he's still figuring it out. His work goes from simple frames to huge painted murals. In addition, he's managed to gather a huge following on Instagram and for great reason. The motive of this post, however, is to shine a light on his most recent project and biggest mural design he's ever endeavored to create.

Illustration & Painting: My Giant Watercolor Eden

I've always been fascinated about the amount of time spent on an illustration or a painting, maybe it's because I am not patient enough. On the other hand, let's take a look at the stunning work of Maria Tiurina and her art. She focus her work into digital art and character design as well, we are looking at her most detailed watercolour painting to date, it took months to create from the light pencil to the final result. You should definitely check out the timelapse video below.

Ghost in the Shell: Art Tribute

Today is the release date of the movie Ghost in the Shell starring with Scarlett Johansson. Aside from the "whitewashing" drama, I personally watched the first 5 minutes video and thought it was such a great adaptation to the anime. It's great to know that the creator named Masamune Shirow was part and supporting the movie cast. When a movie with this prestige comes out to the theaters, it always does bring artists together to create and make a little tribute to the movie. Hope you will enjoy this collection we've put together!

The Art of Kevin Peterson

Kids, wolves, bears and birds are all part of the sublime art of Kevin Peterson, through the power message/icon of using kids as it's masterpiece is absolutely powerful in my opinion. The image we usually get from children are always related to joy and innocence but surrounded by animals is a totally imaginative approach. With an urban environment, we explore Kevin's pure creativity and craft. Hope you will enjoy!

The Realistic Art of Mike Dargas

Mike Dargas is an artist currently living in Cologne, Germany. As a child, Mike already surpassed an interest for painting and uses oil colour in his early works. Coming from an inspiration of Dali, Caravaggio and HR Giga, Mike's art is a representation of surrealism and realism in a precise form of a photograph. The result is quite astonishing and so real.

The Work of Sir Carma

Sir Carma has a hobby and it's to make Voxel Art. Currently located in Paris. Sir has a full-time job in a web agency and making Voxel Art is only an activity during his free time. Grewing up in the 80s/90s, the influences came from the 8-bit and 16-bit games like Zelda for example. One of Sir's dream is to one day, making its debut by making his very own game.

New Inspiring Artworks by Ronald Restituyo

Back in June we showed you Ronald Restituyo's work for the first time. Since he has a lot of cool new artworks we are showcasing a new round of his inspiring drawings. Take a look. In you are not familiar with Ronald, he is a self taught artist with a civil engineering degree. Art is his passion and you can totally see that in his work. His pieces are beautiful. Enjoy!

The Art Message of Peter Tunney

Peter Tunney is an artist from New York who developed an amazing style of painting which is a mix of collages with acrylic painting over it and each piece carries a strong and positive message making it an outstanding composition. Check out some of his work on this post and enjoy!

Typography on Mario De Meyer's Hand is Always a Masterpiece

A typography work is always amazing to see, specially if besides that we have more than just hand made letters, but we have deep, graphic details, bevels and a uso of colors that make every single art almost a masterpiece. This is the work of Mario De Meyer, an graphic designer from Belgium. Take some time and give a look on his art!

The waves and the ocean by Carlos Carpinelli's hands

I'm sure you know a great artist near your home, or in your hometown, or a friend of a friend that make art as no one else. When I found this kind of artist I think "the world should know this guy!". And that is the case of Carlos Carpinelli, an artist from my city in Brazil. His painting are absolutely astonishing and it deserve all your attention. The art is focused on waves and the ocean, the small details make all the difference and bring realism to the painting.

Miniature Pencil Sculptures by Salavat Fidai

Salavat Fidai is an amazing artist who hand carves miniature sculptures from the tip of the pencils. The amount of detail he can put into these miniature sculptures is absolutely amazing. Check it out! For more from Salavat Fidai follow him on instagram @salavat.fidai and check out his website

Beautiful and Stylish Artworks by Ronald Restituyo

Once again I'm here to show you some beautiful and inspiring artworks I found on Instagram. I'm talking about the stylish work of @ronaldrestituyo. Ronald is a 25 years old artist from the Dominican Republic. He has an civil engineering degree and is a self-taught artist. The colors, lines and style of his pieces are really inspiring, take a look. I draw since I was a kid and I started painting in 2011. My passion is art. I love to work with different techniques and materials.

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