The Realistic Art of Mike Dargas

Mike Dargas is an artist currently living in Cologne, Germany. As a child, Mike already surpassed an interest for painting and uses oil colour in his early works. Coming from an inspiration of Dali, Caravaggio and HR Giga, Mike's art is a representation of surrealism and realism in a precise form of a photograph. The result is quite astonishing and so real.

The Work of Sir Carma

Sir Carma has a hobby and it's to make Voxel Art. Currently located in Paris. Sir has a full-time job in a web agency and making Voxel Art is only an activity during his free time. Grewing up in the 80s/90s, the influences came from the 8-bit and 16-bit games like Zelda for example. One of Sir's dream is to one day, making its debut by making his very own game.

New Inspiring Artworks by Ronald Restituyo

Back in June we showed you Ronald Restituyo's work for the first time. Since he has a lot of cool new artworks we are showcasing a new round of his inspiring drawings. Take a look. In you are not familiar with Ronald, he is a self taught artist with a civil engineering degree. Art is his passion and you can totally see that in his work. His pieces are beautiful. Enjoy!

The Art Message of Peter Tunney

Peter Tunney is an artist from New York who developed an amazing style of painting which is a mix of collages with acrylic painting over it and each piece carries a strong and positive message making it an outstanding composition. Check out some of his work on this post and enjoy!

Typography on Mario De Meyer's Hand is Always a Masterpiece

A typography work is always amazing to see, specially if besides that we have more than just hand made letters, but we have deep, graphic details, bevels and a uso of colors that make every single art almost a masterpiece. This is the work of Mario De Meyer, an graphic designer from Belgium. Take some time and give a look on his art!

The waves and the ocean by Carlos Carpinelli's hands

I'm sure you know a great artist near your home, or in your hometown, or a friend of a friend that make art as no one else. When I found this kind of artist I think "the world should know this guy!". And that is the case of Carlos Carpinelli, an artist from my city in Brazil. His painting are absolutely astonishing and it deserve all your attention. The art is focused on waves and the ocean, the small details make all the difference and bring realism to the painting.

Miniature Pencil Sculptures by Salavat Fidai

Salavat Fidai is an amazing artist who hand carves miniature sculptures from the tip of the pencils. The amount of detail he can put into these miniature sculptures is absolutely amazing. Check it out! For more from Salavat Fidai follow him on instagram @salavat.fidai and check out his website

Beautiful and Stylish Artworks by Ronald Restituyo

Once again I'm here to show you some beautiful and inspiring artworks I found on Instagram. I'm talking about the stylish work of @ronaldrestituyo. Ronald is a 25 years old artist from the Dominican Republic. He has an civil engineering degree and is a self-taught artist. The colors, lines and style of his pieces are really inspiring, take a look. I draw since I was a kid and I started painting in 2011. My passion is art. I love to work with different techniques and materials.

Psychedelic Art by Signalstarr

Signalstarr aka Nick Stewart Hoyle is a graphic artist based in London, UK. His work reminds me a lot of the inspired mid 80s retro art like Pink Floyd and OMNI Magazine. I love his play with the mixture of washed textures and overlays. Check him out! All Rights to Signalstarr

Sky Art by Thomas Lamadieu

Thomas Lamadieu uses photos of the sky from between buildings and makes really cool art over it. His artistic aim is to show a different perception of urban architecture and the everyday environment around us, what we can construct with a boundless imagination. For more from Thomas Lamadieu visit

Illustrated Card Deck

This card deck is an awesome art project where each single card is illustrated with an art piece from a different artist. Check out the many art pieces within this card deck. Enjoy! For more info visit

Colorful and Expressive Artworks by Emily Tan

I love to browse Instagram to indulge my eyes with beautiful images. In one of my explorations I found the account e.ying and was amazed by its colorful and expressive artworks. The account belongs to Emily Tan, a very creative and talented artist from Suffolk, UK. I loved her style. Beautiful delicate lines and strong colors delivering powerful images that will certainly get your attention. Her pieces are truly inspiring.

Low Poly Works by Jona Dinges

Low Poly art is becoming quite popular lately, it's a great polygon 3D effect that being used as a relative term to this new art. I've came across by Jona Dinges's work and I found that his low poly art is beautifully detailed. Check it out for yourself. All Rights to Jona Dinges

Scent Design : Juniper Ridge

Wallpaper magazine's January beauty news inspired this post on Juniper Ridge, a fragrance distillery founded in 1998 and located in my new stomping grounds of Oakland, CA. I'm personally obsessed with the art of perfume making simply because of the rush of vivid memories one experiences when smelling a particular scent. Juniper Ridge is the world's only wild fragrance company comprised of hikers and backpackers, not your typical fashion or luxury goods folks.

Cool Art Prints by Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones is one of my favorite illustrators and he started an art print collection inspired by his life growing up and living in New Zealand and iconic pop culture. Check them out! All these prints are available at Harbour Master

Amazing Pixel Art by Pixel, Huh

I am a fan of Pixel Art, I think it might be because of my addiction to video-games in the 80s and 90s or just because they are awesome. Octavi Navarro,a self-taught painter and children’s books illustrator from Barcelona, is one of few illustrators that keeps this style alive.

Inspired by Leaves

Artist Tang Chiew Ling from Malaysia created these illustrations made by few types of leaves and also mixed with my hand drawing. Using inconspicuous/ unattractive leaves to create fun, hope and happiness. For more from Tang Chiew Ling visit A lovely little couple walking in the rain.

Artist Beer Visions Exhibition

Artist Bee Vision is a exhibition of fictional beer labels created by 20 different artists and each label is more amazing than the other. I selected some of them to share with you so sit back and enjoy!

Art Installation at the House of Peroni

The House Of Peroni - an event by M & C Saatchi. They invited Baroncelli, the visionary lighting design studio, to design an installation inspired by Rome. The result, a phantasma. Baroncelli's modular lighting system built as mechanisms to create the old Roma. I was given the task to design four walls which married the products to the context. Using white chalk pens; 60mm and 30mm.

Huge Art Murals by Agostino Lacurci

Agostino Lacurci is a Italian artist and has been painting huge murals all over Europe. His style is very artistic and different from any graffiti you have seen before. Enjoy! For more from Agostino Lacurci visit Abithoudini Via Lugaro, Turin (Italy)

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