Wicked Street Art by Andrew Hem

Gotta love a huge painted wall. It certainly took a great effort from the artist. Years practicing, evolving, until someone thinks you're good and worthy enough to be responsible for such an canvas. Andrew Hem is an amazing artist that has been painting beautiful illustrations around the world. It sure must be a blast for the artist to see the finished product. An imagination turned into a gigantic piece or art. These amazing artworks are only a handful of Andrew's work. For more of it, please visit his Instagram! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Unique Artworks by Elena & Olivia Ceballos

Elena & Olivia are twin sisters that work at DreamWorks TV. They are very talented artists that come up with beautiful, unique artworks, lifeful illustrations that will lighten up your day! These are very special examples of their work. Their style is very unique and at the same time you it seems straight ou from children's book, you can see even some Monet there. Super, super sweet. These are only a handful of their work. For more of it, please visit their Instagram! I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Fantastic Artworks by Dofresh

I really love a good set of concept artworks. Sometimes it's like reading a book, it just takes you imagining wild stories of far away kingdoms and futures to come. Dofresh, a French artist, comes up with beautiful scenes filled with insane Mecha and more badass elements. There are only a handful of illustrations. For more of it, please visit the portfolio at ArtStation! I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Savage Oil Like Artworks by Greg Rutkowski

While surfing the web I ran into the work of Polish artist Greg Rutkowski and it was a blast. Greg comes up with SAVAGE artworks that resemble the use of oils and the finish products are never less than masterpieces.

Gorgeous Digital Artworks by Magdalena Radziej

It's awesome to find an artist's portfolio filled with gorgeous digital artworks, such as these by Polish illustrator Magdalena Radziej. She comes up with astonishing concept pieces! These are only a handful of her works... for more, please visit her portfolio! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

The Contemplative Artworks of Elicia Edijanto

One thing I love about art is that an illustration is like a window into an artist's mind, soul, or whatever you might call it. Some artworks and paintings are super happy, with bright, colorful details right at your face. Some others express deep meaning through fewer elements and simpler colors.

Super Dope Characters by Adrian Dadich

Yet another week has passed us by, and very few things are as cool as a well designed, dope character. Some artists are really good in coming up with these, and here are some of you to enjoy, by Australian artist Adrian Dadich. Adrian is a super talented artist. Good love his style, which is very detailed and well finished. For more of his work, please visit his portfolio at DeviantART. I hope you enjoy these as much as we did! Cheers! ;)

Inspiring Artworks by Takeshi

We here over at Abduzeedo are always trying to help people to promote their work. We are always open to suggestions and are more than welcome to feature designers, digital artists and photographers. Today we feature the recent work of Takeshi, a New York based illustrator and artist from Saint Etienne, France. Takeshi's illustrative work is renowned for its surreal feel, the quality of its photomontages as well as the light treatments and colourful compositions.

Minimal Typography Inspiration

Typography is more than letters and words, it's about the composition, communication and aesthetics. Just the simple usage of a letter combined with clever negative space is capable of producing fantastic results. Inspired by Bauhaus, De Stijl and the Swiss Style we're excited to share with you some really beautiful typographical artwork.

Slashthree World Exhibition III

With the announcement of the Slashthree collective's partnership with DACS in a collaborative live art exhibition aimed at raising awareness and money for victims of child slavery, the collective decided to run an online exhibition alongside it. "World Exhibition III" is a unique project for the collective, as it is the first incrementally-released exhibition in Slashthree's history; the first set of artworks will release on July 2, 2012, and more will release every two weeks until the project is deemed complete.

Amazing Hand Drawn Artworks

Since I was a little kid I have always been drawing all over the place, until I was introduced to Photoshop. Sounds familiar? The digital era and all the digital inspiration tend to keep us away from grabbing a pencil to draw something. That's the reason why I selected Andrey's work to display here today, because they truly inspired me to pick up a pencil myself and attempt to make something good. Try it!

Breathtaking 3D Pieces from Olivier Ponsonnet

If you are like me - someone that loves 3d artworks - you will probably love this selection! Olivier Ponsonnet, aka reiv at CGSOCIETY, is a very talented artist who works with 3D Max and creates breath taking pieces to amaze us. I believe you are already familiar with some of his work... and that is exactly why I decided to put this selection together, to make sure you get to know more of Olivier's work. Olivier Ponsonnet's pieces are a mix of realism and imagination, something intriguing and mysterious, full of details and personality.

Really Cool Artworks for a Great Series: House Md

House Md is for sure one of the greatest series out there, at least I think so! The series show some really nice and intelligent battles between great doctors trying to diagnostic difficult cases. The main character, Gregory House, is controversial, sarcastic, irreverent and polemic, he is actually just brilliant. He acts and talks like many of us would like to do but are not brave enough to do it. The awarded House Md is so well developed that gets our attention in a way that makes us addicted to it!

30 Cool Artworks Surrounding the H1N1 Flu

The swine flu, H1N1 flu or H1N1 influenza has caused some different responses around the world: panic, indifference, doubts, worries and sometimes simply nothing. But for some artists the swine flu became a theme, something new to explore and produce some cool pieces.

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