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30 Cool Artworks Surrounding the H1N1 Flu

The swine flu, H1N1 flu or H1N1 influenza has caused some different responses around the world: panic, indifference, doubts, worries and sometimes simply nothing. But for some artists the swine flu became a theme, something new to explore and produce some cool pieces. You will see here lots of different styles of artworks surrounding the H1N1 flu (illustration, photography, graphic and so on), most of them are funny, others more serious, but they are all very cool. This post was suggested by one of our readers, Diogo Glovatski, who sent an art and also mentioned that several people produced artworks about the flu and that we could do a post about it. He was right, we found a lot of pieces about it online and here we will show 30 (31 actually) of those pieces for you. Click at the image to visit the artist's page. And also, in case you have an artwork about the swine flu to share, the comments are open for you! I hope you like it! And take care... watch out for the virus. ;) Our wallpaper of the week #49 Image suggested by Diogo