Back to the Future Triology Box Set

Back to the Future Triology Box Set

All of us for sure know what is the Back To The Future Triology, this kind of movies were made in the 80s for the 80s. It has been risen popularity since, even after more than 30 years. I get goosebumps every time whenever I watch it (probably gonna watch it tonight). That Delorean Car has been my favourite of mine since forever. The folks over DKNG just released their work they did for Mondo to commemorate that historic date from BTTF 2 by making the 6-LP vinyl box set. Check it out!     About DKNG Studios DKNG is a creative studio based in Los Angeles, Californi. Coming from a background of music and entertainment, they have worked with brands like: Warner Brothers, Paramount, Disney, HBO and more. For more information:

The Back to the Future Project by Irina Werning

Did it ever occurred to you at young age and wondered how you would like in 20 years? Well, a photographer from Buenos Aires named Irina Werning builded this wonderful project called Back to the Future series. She's taking different people's old pictures and recreates them in the same space, almost with the same clothes and of course with the same person with an average 20 years older from the original picture. I really admire the attention she took to recreate those pictures with a touchy and hilarious feel at the same time. I love old photos. I admit being a nosey photographer. As soon as I step into someone else’s house, I start sniffing for them. Most of us are fascinated by their retro look but to me, it’s imagining how people would feel and look like if they were to reenact them today... A few months ago, I decided to actually do this. So, with my camera, I started inviting people to go back to their future. For more information about Irina Werning, you can visit her website at

Back to the Future Tribute

Next year, the greatest story ever told will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. For me, Back to the Future is the best trilogy that there is, flawless or not, and since I was presented with the dvd set, I watched the full trilogy at once, and that was one great experience. I was so excited about it that I started looking for all things Back to the Future over the internet, and found a bunch of things, from posters to screen caps, and memorabilia, and other cool stuff. Since it is a 80's movie, it totally has to do with Abduzeedo's source of inspiration: the 80's culture. Take as an example the hover board and its bright colors: pink, lime, yellow, with its diagonal lines and patterns. There could be a wallpaper out of it. Or remember the 2015 Nike worn by Marty McFly... who doesn't love its futuristic design? Who? :p That said, the most natural thing to do was to pay tribute to these fantastic films, and share if you guys some awesome findings. All I hope is that the future generations get to know this trilogy, and join the legion of fans worldwide. Also, we'd love to know how do you like the trilogy. What do you like about it the most? Tell us! Cheers. ;) Behold the Flux Capacitor "It's what makes time travel possible!" The sweet, sweet Nike McFly Robert Zemeckis and Michael J. Fox chilling out. The DeLorean. The DeLorean in Back to the Future. Miniature of the DeLorean in Back to the Future II. Miniature of the DeLorean in Back to the Future III. Miniature of the DeLorean on rails in Back to the Future III. This is a WEDDING CAKE. Seriously. Man Restores Griff Tannen's Hover BMW From Back To The Future 2 Check out all the Filming Locations! ;) And of course, I've saved the best for last. It totally surprised me, and I can't wait to test it. Now you ask: "What are you talking about, Paulo?". I'm talking about the best game mod ever conceived: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Mod All I can talk about is: Check out the download page, check out the videos! You'll freak out as much as I did. ;p