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Battlefield 3 Poster Case Study

This poster is a tribute to Battlefield 3 designed by the Polish Grzegorz Domaradzki. On this post you take a look step by step on how this amazing poster was created and you will get some insights and ideas on how to take on you own project. Enjoy! For more from Grzegorz Domaradzki visit Battlefield 3 Tribute Close Ups Case Study 1. SKETCH - Tablet made. Always helpful before you start drawing. 2. DRAWING - Made with Faber Castell 0,5mm mechanical pencil with Rotring 2B leads and Koh-i-Noor 2h pencil. When scanned I used Levels (Ctrl/Cmd + L) to clean it up than zoomed in to around 250% and used hard Brush ( B ) and white color 100% to clean all dirty areas. 3. BASE - I used Magic Wand ( W ) on the drawing layer to select white background area. Than selected inverse (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + I) and used Select / Modify / Contract with 1px. Filled the selection with grey color on a new layer below the drawing( Multiply layer style ). Than zoomed in to 250% again and used tablet and hard brushed Eraser (E) and Brush (B) to polish up the edges of the grey selection. 4. MIDTONES - I used soft Brush (B) with low opacity( around 5% ) to create shadows on a separate layer and lights on another one to give the image more depth. Placed both new layers below the one with Multiplied DRAWING. 5. BLUE - I needed the selection of the whole main motive: I Select / Color Ranged ( Fuzziness 200 ) the white, than selected inverse and added the selection of the BASE. Saved it. Used it to create a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer with blue colorize applied. Erased (E) with soft brush on the right side and at the bottom. Than I changed the background color to light grey. 6. FIRE - Graphic needed fire-like colors to look more like a Battlefield tribute, so I used the saved selection again, to apply Gradient (G) made lights on few more layers and played with various layer styles, like Hard Light and Overlay to get the best result. Used soft brush Eraser (E) where needed. 7. FINAL TOUCHES - I drew some extra lines, scanned them and repeated the process used on the main DRAWING. I than used Select / Color Range with Fizziness 200 to remove the white and leave only the lines. Placed the lines on top of all layers and filled them with the background light grey color. Finally added logos, title, quote and my signature.