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Logo Design: Beer

Logo Design: Beer

We keep going through our weekly journey checking out great logos! We're thinking ahead and we want to find new topics, good ones, to share with you guys. Last week we featured logos with ladybugs, and today we're featuring logos with beer! Every week we search through our favorite galleries: Logopond and Dribbble. Both are a great communities for designers everywhere. Also, if you you'd like to suggest ideas for the next subjects, please, tell me by sending me sending me a tweet: @paulogabriel. Cheers! ;)

Artist Beer Visions Exhibition

Artist Beer Visions Exhibition

Artist Bee Vision is a exhibition of fictional beer labels created by 20 different artists and each label is more amazing than the other. I selected some of them to share with you so sit back and enjoy! Flayed Bandit – Daggers for Teeth Simple Suff – Dee Dee Kid Brain Bomb – Drew Millward Black Ape – DXTR Cryo Sleep Dream – Guy Mckinley Tiger Piss – Hydro 74 Brain Pain – Iain Macarthur Death Brew – Megamunden King Bonobo – Pedro Oyarbide 3rd Eye – Tom Newell

Awesome Beer Label Designs

Awesome Beer Label Designs

If you love design you most likely love beer as well, so I decided to put together some eye candy that will leave you thirsty. These are some of the coolest beer design labels I've seen and I hope you enjoy. Cheers!

Brewtopia: Portland Brewery Logo Extravaganza

Brewtopia: Portland Brewery Logo Extravaganza

In planning my itinerary for an upcoming trip to Portland, Oregon I discovered the city is home to more than 60 microbreweries. That's more than any other city in the world including Cologne, Germany. Brewpubs are scattered all about the city, some in renovated cinemas, others in historical landmark buildings that were otherwise destined for destruction. To pay homage to the beer capital of the world I've put together a quick gallery featuring logos of some of Portland's most notable brewers. We hope you find inspiration in some of the designs and the creative naming good fodder for discussion. Of course if you have any tips or must-see spots while in Portland please feel free to share in the comments section.

Cheers! Illustrated Beer Cans

Moxy Creative House has a bunch of fun little illustration projects and today I wanted to bring your attention to the Cheers! project which is dedicated to all the fathers out there. What they did was bring a little inspiration from cartoons and make it into a cool illustrated beer can. Check it out. For more visit Moxy Creative House

Beer Package Designs

Nothing like the good old six pack to change the mood. I know it's early to drink a beer but you may get thirsty after seeing these awesome packages I selected to show you. Every man has it's favorite beer but design lovers can't help to be attracted by the package and some times that will make you try something different, here are a few options. Click on the one you like to find out more!

Cool Beer Ads #4 - Budweiser

Continuing our Cool Beer Ads serie, today we will show some pieces from Budweiser! We will show here some cool Budweiser's ads from the 60s and also some of their new stuff. And of course we will also show Budweiser's famous frogs commercials and other things, so check out our last post by brand... next week I will start posting about the different styles of beer ads! Let me say that due to Budweiser 'fame and size' (specially in the US) I thought it would be easier to find their stuff online... but, it was not so simple to get good quality images to show you guys. Anyways, I hope you like the selection. ;) And for the next post, let me know witch ad style you would like to see first: funny, clever, sexy, retro,...?! Enjoy... Budweiser's Wallpapers Click at the image to go to Budweiser's site and choose the size you want to download! Some Videos

Cool Beer Ads #3 - Guinness

Continuing our Cool Beer Ads series, today we will show some pieces from Guinness! As you're able to see here, Guinness uses lots of styles with their ads. The ads are stylish, intelligent, retro, elegant and many times comical. I really loved their "Good Things Comes to Those Who Wait" and their "Don't drink and drive" campaigns, they're really clever and cool. I had Guinness only once and I really liked it! And I believe that with this clever and well designed ads they will get some attention and maybe some new "abeerzeedos" fans. ;) Enjoy... Some Videos

Cool Beer Ads #2 - Brahma

Continuing our Cool Beer Ads serie, today we will show some pieces from Brahma! We selected some prints and also some videos to show here to you. From funny messages to some really provocative ads, Brahma also has some really nice things to show. The great thing about the beer industry is that they sell a "fun" and "enjoyable" product, so they can take advantage of that to release their imagination to produce some awesome pieces! And a comment regarding the provocative ads... why is it that they put only women on them? Come on, girls also like beer, so why is it so hard to get some ads developed for us? ;) Enjoy... Provocative Some Entries from the Visto Brahma Design Competition Some Videos Veryyyyy Hooooooot Brahma Beer Commercial - The most popular videos are a click away

Cool Beer Ads #1 - Heineken

Beer ads are always awesome! They're creative, beautiful, provocative, sometimes funny... Basically, they're great. So based on that and also considering the fact that the Abduzeedo team loves a good beer ... we will start a series showing you some really cool beer ads! And since the beer industry has tons of great things for us to show and we will try our best to show you everything we can, we will split them by kind: style, humor... not exactly sure yet. The only thing we're sure of is that we'll see some great things around here, so stay tuned! To start the series we will show a selection of some pretty stylish Heineken ads. And I have to say that I was a bit impressed that none of these ads had women or 'minimal clothing' on them since we are used to these ingredients when talking about beer advertisement. But even without these ingredients, these Heineken ads are very cool. I hope you enjoy them! ;)

Delicious Beer Package Design

One of the most commom beverages out there has been getting some new colors for some time now. Beer packaging, and labels are getting more beautiful each day, and it's really cool to check some examples of delicious beer package design. From all over the world, these show us how much love these guys put in their creations. There are some lovely colors, typrography and setup. I hope you enjoy this brief selection! Enjoy. ;)